Whirlpool SideKick Freezerless Refrigerator Review (model # EL87TRRRV05)


Spa Refrigerator Remarks without SideKick Feedback Freezer (Model #EL87TRRRV05)

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January 2020 Cam
of : AnonymousIt’s such a shame that you joined the Homeowners Club that you got a hole the size of a side wall. I love this room so much. I hate it when they don’t work. It’s sad.
07. January 2020 Two years! NEW
of : CamWhere should I start? If you’re the kind of person who appreciates the occasional new car, loves the smell of a new car and the attractive feeling of new equipment, then this refrigerator is for IBC. This is our fourth. I know what I’m talking about. The fact is, this is our fourth SideKick in 11 years.

Yeah, in fact, this refrigerator usually takes about two years. You get a new one if the old one fails because you designed your kitchen around it, and a matching freezer. If Whirlpool changes style when the fridge breaks down, you’ll get a new fridge and freezer! They have to match, or it’s gonna be awful.

View the following news items describing SideKick’s two-year lifespan. Our last one lasted two years minus one day. When I contacted Whirlpool about this, they offered me a one-time repair worth about $600. Because I knew this repair would probably not take long, I asked for a discount for a new kitchen (we designed the kitchen around it, as you can see). The spa responded that their only offer was a one-time gesture of goodwill to repair the fridge. I love American food, but really? Just once?

Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. If you’re not the kind of person who wants to change appliances for $1,500 every two years, think about designing your kitchen. And if you buy SideKick, you get an extra guarantee. Take it from someone who knows.

12. April 2019 Accompanying template #WSR57R18DM NEW
by : AnonymousAfter we moved into our new house in March last year, our one year old fridge no longer worked. We need a new compressor and a new vaporizer, which of course in the background… Um… (Clears throat) I wonder why!? It even took two weeks to get an order from a parts engineer because the spa had a serial number for the freezer and refrigerator. Easter is in 9 days and the details will be postponed. As soon as I hear about the class action, I’ll be on board!!! Never buy a hot tub again.
December 2017 Application group NEW
of : NotesI think I’ve already tried to find a class action, but I don’t think I’ve found anything. But as I’ve seen some of these devices. If anyone finds out there is one, I want to join him.
December 2017 Nice suit? NEW
of : JaneI’ve read that several people have called the class action. Does anyone know if he’s been dropped off? I’d certainly be interested after the whirlpools cure me. Too much money for shit.
December 2017 Freon NEW
of : AnonymousThank you, Ellen Johnson and your husband. I only made Freon to protect myself from leaks. I hope this works!
30. November 2017 Sad and broken NEW
of: smckieI’m sorry you got into this. I’m also sorry that we didn’t find all this information when we built the kitchens and tried to find a good purchase. But unlike you, I just found a device from another manufacturer that fits where it belongs. Am I satisfied? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But it works well. If I thought about it, I’d buy a freezer downstairs. Nothing from the world of refrigerators will come into my room. But the advice we learn as we go through life is what it is. I hope your vacation gets better.
November 2017 Sad and broken! NEW
of : AnonymousUnfortunately this is also our second Pair of side strikes. We have also built custom houses and kitchen cabinets … I’m sure that’s enough… the same problem as everyone else, a very good idea to have a separate fridge and a custom freezer. The Whirlpool brand is very poorly represented and its reputation for quality has been a reference for many years. When they called the spa customer service, they were rude, didn’t listen to our concerns, at one point I thought I was hanging up because the agent was quiet! I’m waiting for the delivery of the third fridge, which should come tomorrow. Yeah, three replacements in 11 years. A month before Christmas… …instead of a personal Christmas gift voucher… …I get another… …as I suspect… …a $1400 machine that doesn’t work properly. Closed for Christmas! So, if… if these devices don’t break down… …then I’ll have to take out a loan for a colonial kitchen, rebuild cabinets for a fridge that’ll last at least 15 years. There’s still a 28-year-old fridge in my garage right now. Was it not a sad comment on a joint operation of such dimensions as Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Kenmore, which was so reliable and noble that it left customers in bed for over 50 years? Yeah, I think it’s a criminal act. That’s a very sad statement from consumers. Companies don’t care whether they stand next to their products or not. No respect for his customers. Wir sind bei ihren…. No mercy!
April 2017 These cars are terrible.
from: Michael to FairfaxSave your money and your sanity. Hot tub cars are terrible. I’m really sorry I bought this. They look good, they’re next to each other. They’re a good size. The decor is well done. However, the compressors break down and need to be replaced several times. I’ve been working on the fridge’s third compressor for half a dozen years. The first replacement was covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Then you have to pay the fee. Stay away from those cars.
March 2017 Too bad you added
to our group by:to our group. SamplesI’m sorry I’ve only heard of your problems for two years. In the end we were smart and switched brands, which was not easy because Lowes builds the kitchen individually and the space for the helpers is smaller than most appliances that only have a fridge with all freezers. It’s sad that you can put a man on the moon, but you can’t make a good fridge. I liked the whole idea, but the fact that you couldn’t keep it was a big disadvantage. Good luck with your future projects. I just want more people to know, before they buy help, that there’s no profit.
March 2017 Side freezer
of : AnonymousSame problem. A freon leak that can’t be repaired. At the beginning of 15 years he bought a new house and they moved in. He resigned on the 16th. November. It is called Builder and of course without warranty extension. The hot tub said FU. He spent $400 on two repairmen and worked for three weeks, but he had leaks. Unfortunately I had to buy a new one to replace it, because it fits in the fridge. What a point of sale!
February 2017 Defective purchase
of : AnonymousBought a few knocks for the new kitchen last year, but nothing but trouble. First repair in the year, so the spa only covers those 450.00 . The freezer came out a week or two later, but the spa agreed to take over the repair, a . I have to say, that’s the worst thing in 47 years of marriage.
February 2017 Refrigerator
of : AngelaI have a SideKick fridge and we repaired it many years ago, my bad vortex compressor within a year. I’ve been fighting a Freon leak for a year. My husband is feeling very well and can’t stop him from leaving. When I woke up this morning with 60 degrees in the fridge, I had no hope that it could be solved after reading all these complaints. Same problem!
05. January 2017 from : Mario

Same problem.
As soon as the guarantee expires, we lose food. We have contacted the spa to register. An engineer came to tell us it was an expensive repair, but Whirlpool wouldn’t pay for it…
In fact, Whirlpool does not support its products and does not care about its customers.
We’ve rearranged our kitchen for the people next door.
Now we’re gonna buy a better one.

September 2016 drops again by
from : SeabrookEL87TRRRV06 and EV187NYRV05
refrigerator and freezer cabinet from Lowes, which designed the kitchen and has a slightly smaller adapted storage space for most of the others next door. But the units were covered by an extensive warranty, and we regularly called in repairers. The light bulb in the fridge had electric shorts. The freezer had to replace the compressor. Problems with the leak. The fridge has stopped cooling. The law did its best, but like many others he was told that the device was airtight and could not repair the leak.
August 2016 Class Action?
by : ThenLike so many others, my fridge just started, that’s the problem. I’m beginning to realize that my nightmare is just beginning. I’m not sure my problem is the same as everyone else’s. A wall of ice forms in the lower part of the cooler, which eventually blocks the ventilation holes and increases the temperature in the upper part of the cooler. How often does this happen in case of coolant leakage? There’s also a class action lawsuit? I can’t believe the company will continue to sell the faulty service.
05. February 2016 I will never buy a hot tub again!
from : JaneWhen my husband and I built a new house in 2006, we bought all the new equipment. I bought a jacuzzi fridge and had nothing but trouble with it for a year. In the beginning there was a freonlek, which I eventually had the company pay for part of the repairs, but I was treated as a total waste by everyone I spoke to. I haven’t had a fridge in a month because they don’t work together. We think it was a fan motor because the lower part was cold and the upper part warm. As soon as I can, I’ll have to buy another device and I can guarantee it won’t be a jacuzzi! My father had had an appliance repair shop for over 40 years and before he left, he said the hot tubs had lost the quality for which they were famous, and he was right.
20. December 2015 Product scrap
of : AnonymousMy hydromassage fridge has the same cooling problems. I’m not buying another hot tub. It’s junk.
04. December 2015 Freon Death of the Sidequick
by : DeborahWe’ve had acolytes for about 6 years, and the fridge was declared irreparable yesterday because of an internal Freon leak. It is clear that it is a faulty product. Hundreds of people on the internet complain about the same thing, and Whirlpool can’t deny that it’s a disenthusiastic model. Something needs to be done to correct the design and compensate customers who sold these units when the freon problems were known.
07. September 2015 was just checking the parts lists
by:. AnonymousIt looks like I could put my old door on a new box for a cheaper model (with side lock (for dining rooms, etc.)).

an old fridge: EL7ATRRMS07

It seems that the hinge and the door must be interchangeable.

With the models as such, I’m not sure. We bought them cheaper and covered them 10 years ago.

06. September 2015 I have the same problem.
from : AnonymousHas anyone tried to replace the fridge – but with an old door – so that the built-in pair can still fit?

I’m trying to find a solution because the fridge is too high to build in.

17. July 2015. Really? Through: Jason

It’s the same story as all the others. Purchase of a combined fridge/freezer in June 2014. The fridge ruined the food to an alarming degree and we finally asked someone to take a look at it. It wasn’t properly connected from the factory. Problem solved…

This way, the freezer will stop freezing within a week. In October 2014, a service technician will take our freezer out and when we bring it back, we will have a trace of the belt of the fastener, but at least it’s cold. Freon leak… …just like everyone here has complained.

The 11th. In June 2015 (on the eve of his release) it was frozen again. The technicians take it out and fix it. But this time she comes back with a big bump on the door. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The 17th. On 1 July 2015, the freezer stopped the freezing process pending a replacement door.

I’ve had enough of this! I received a request from customer service, dropped both barrels and complained about the product and customer service. I didn’t get any answer from Whirlpool.

If you’re considering buying a spa product… Don’t do this! If you need a spa, buy it at Laws. My technician told me that the laws will replace your instruments if there’s a problem with them. No one else, not even Whirlpool, will replace him. I won’t buy spa products anymore. Not so much for the wrong product, but for the lemon. I’m not buying because Jacuzzi doesn’t support their product. Poor customer service! I wish I could describe them in words, but I’ll remember.

Escape the abyss of hydromassage!

May 2015 Similar problems also
of : Orange County CAIn fact, we bought our spas in 2002, and I think we got lucky. About five years later the repair work started. Leaking fridge. The internal drain pipe will be clogged and we will have a reserve of water both in the fridge and on the floor. The driver went outside and cleared the line, but after two hours he got blocked again. Very uncomfortable, not to mention the damage to my floors.

Occasionally we also had cold places in the fridge where we freeze our eggs and milk… And as suddenly as he froze, he didn’t freeze again.

Quickly to 2014 (yes, surprisingly I still have them), now the freezer doesn’t let any water out of the inside, so only the container with the water in the freezer freezes, and you can’t take the basket out of the freezer to get food… Arghhhh! So to get the box out, I need a Ge hammer and an ice pick knife (after completely unloading the frozen food from the basket) and the ice rips and comes off that way. But two weeks later, she came back…

I really like the look of our units and I will replace them both next year, but I don’t want any more problems. Can anyone recommend another manufacturer with the best product? I can’t afford to go below zero, otherwise I’d invest in one of them…

04. March 2015 HOT BRIDGE
of : MARY ELLENStainless steel Sidekicks bought in 2009. The freon leak was fixed a year ago, but now it’s happened again. That’s $225 apiece. We’re lucky to have the same store that knows how to fix it. The problem starts when everything freezes, the thermostat turns off and the cooling just stops. I’ve redesigned my entire kitchen around the assistants so that it looks like it’s built in. Now nothing else will work. The hot tub says they were unlucky in their own long conversation!
February 2015 is equal to the Freon
of : TeresaI built a house in 2009 and bought these sidebars. Freon quit about a year ago and was recharged/adjusted about 3 months ago. The fridge’s stopped again! I don’t know what to do. Any luck with the company?
04. December 2014 Same old numbers
of : AnonymousI wonder if anyone has convinced Whirlpool to support their products. The fridge blows hot air. I bought an extended warranty when the unit was 3 years old and the compressor had to be replaced. Now, a year and a half later, we have the same problem. We bought the extended warranty, but it was cancelled because no shop in the area wanted to work with a warranty company. I called Whirlpool and they told me about their quality products, but they can’t do anything for me. I’m interested in any joint trial, press the bubble bath.
18. October 2014 Here is a correction for your
of:. PullmanI have a pair of identical curved upper sidecars. The freezer was never a problem, but there was a small leak in the fridge that could not be repaired. My mechanic installed the Schroeder valve on the freon line at the back of the unit. Now that the fridge starts to warm up (about every two months), I charge the system with a small freon from the car parts shop. It takes two minutes, and I don’t have to buy any equipment!
29. September 2014 Unbelievable
of : KnowOur Sidkik fridge is 3 years old – according to these remarks it took longer than the others. I can’t believe we spent so much money on junk. I’ve been fighting hydromassage for almost two months. The first four weeks we lived in cold rooms – in my own kitchen. Without the generosity of the local appliance centre where we bought the appliance, there would still be refrigerators in my kitchen. He put a small fridge in the hole for free until the hot tub decides what to do. You told him the repairs were too expensive, didn’t you? After only three years?
18. September 2014 Model changes
by : CindyThe freezer and refrigerator do not work and cannot be repaired. Your style has changed. So we have to buy them both back. Our equipment was like a bow. New r-squares and they’re out of arches.
16. September 2014 Nobody has time for that! Madammoffur

Whirlpool, come and do something! !! This morning my fridge started blowing hot air. It was cold all summer, and now it’s warmer than in the kitchen! A stupid freezer makes a rattling sound as soon as you buy it. What a piece of junk. What can we do?

06. September 2014 We also have
of:. AnonymousYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yesterday we were told the same thing about our Sidekick fridge. It’s not worth fixing. And, like many of you, there is a matching set Our house is built with glasses for this decor! !! Now I’m stuck with unparalleled units. Take collective action!
May 2014 Clutch assistant
: AnonymousIt’s the same situation here. He replaced the freon and compressor about 2 years ago and is now running again. POS. Running away, everyone says… …what do you do when fridge and freezer go together? It’s a bad situation. The whirlwind has to work and do something for so many poor people.
May 2014 Action group
of : SpiritsExamine the possibility of bringing a collective lawsuit against accomplices. The Supreme Court has just attached one to the hot tub on another device. All interested parties can send a message!
14. March 2014 Never again hydromassage
by : John FOur frost-free fridge is about 7-8 years old and we’ve had nothing but problems. Less than a year ago we repaired the device to replace the wire by adding a pinhole and freon, and it didn’t work anymore! The repair bill was $500 and lasted less than a year. What a piece of shit. I’ll never be able to do it again, except in the Jacuzzi.
of : AnonymousI see a pattern emerging here. Our assistant in the Jacuzzi started seeping Freon in July 2009 and won’t keep it cold. GUI fix, yeah, everybody called it MARINE and KNOWLEDGE problem. After a long period of nonsense and tires with repairs, extended warranty and catching up, I think it’s time to move Whirlpool forward and solve the problem. I stayed here in the middle of summer for two months without a fridge. Jacuzzi, you just lost another client for life. Farewell small claims!
15. July 2013 Freon
of : KimIn December 2010 we moved to our new house – everything went as we ordered and we were so happy. Our SideKickks were produced in August 2010. When the fridge stopped cooling, we thought there was nothing left to fix. Why, because it’s Whirlpool/Maytag/Kenmore; the units sold by Sears were all solid businesses many years ago, and my mother swore to that. Now I just want to swear on her.

The first time the fridge died was in February 2012. Sears isn’t gonna do anything because he was over a year old… You’ve got to be kidding me. So a local repairman made freon, worked on the rollers and our bag for $295, he told us that maybe everything was fine, but that his company had seen this many times before with the brands mentioned. And because they are not placed next to the products, consumers have a large stainless steel storage cabinet at their disposal.

The refrigerator has experienced another slow, hot death in March 2012. That mechanic told us not to fix it. This time it was a compressor. Freon was a little low, but not to blow hot air. And that for at least $75.

Now we have an SK freezer and a big hole next to it. You know what they say, helpers usually don’t die long after each other. IT’S HUGE. Then I can get a real fridge/freezer and I have a renovated kitchen and real storage cupboards.

What for an Albtraum…….. Thanks, Sears, for standing behind a bunch of lemons. I will no longer buy from Sears or any of the above manufacturers.

31. October 2012 just lost our fridge
: AnonymousOur assistants are models from 2004. We’ve just been told that our fridge can’t be repaired, so we bought a new one, but the handle is different. So what now? We came across another freezer, although it still works. That’s a crime.
16. October 2012 The last answer ofis correct for Virpul
:. Ellen JohnsonLet me tell you first, we’ve started revising the side refrigerator freezer. I must confess that I am sorry that I did not mention to everyone how we solved the problem so that we could continue to use my assistant’s fridge. As I said at the beginning, our repair department explained that the fridge could not be repaired because of the bad design and lack of reaction of the spa, but they installed a connection to charge the freon. Then my husband came up with the idea of filling the freon with a conventional car air conditioner, freon, which contains special additives against leaks, using the special fitting installed by the mechanic. To our surprise, the fridge has continued to work for the past two years and has also worked better when it is new (the temperature control actually controls the temperature from freezing point to maintaining the correct temperature when it is set at slightly less than the maximum temperature). The fact is, in some cases, it can work when you’re desperate, like we are. I also think that the government should choose a spa to create a product that can be freely released into our atmosphere. As for the last comment about all whirlpool units (e.g. Maytag), we also had a lot of problems with our Maytag washing machine (which they only corrected because a class action was taken against them for the same problems we had with our washing machine). This is my final answer to everything that has to do with spas (or their divisions), because like most of you I will never buy anything from this company, but I will never buy anything from any of the spa divisions, because the production philosophy is the same all over the world, namely to produce waste, and I hope the customer doesn’t have enough energy to bother you if it doesn’t work anymore.
16. October 2012 Whirlpool
from : [email protected]Maybe I should take back what I said about not having a hot tub. Link to this company:
looks like Whirlpool now owns Amana, Maytag and WC Wood. They also produce certain Sears Kenmore products.
16. October 2012 Keep clean
of : [email protected]In 2003, when we were building a new house, we bought assistants who had no problems until 2011. The freezer has a 10 year warranty and the corresponding refrigerator has a 5 year warranty. In 2011 the freezer didn’t freeze, so we called the local hot tub repair center. They went outside and added freon and then told me that the coils on the sidewall could leak because there was no visible compressor oil around the compressor area. We came home from work on Friday (October 2012) and the floor around the freezer was completely wet. The freezer had a temperature of 47 degrees Fahrenheit. The repair crew called to make sure the compressor was dead. He still has warranty, but because he previously had too little freon, I suspect that repairing him is just a short-term solution, just enough to get him out of a 10-year warranty. Even the operator said this was the short-term solution he wanted most. I really don’t want to waste another freezer full of food. Of course we have assistants in black, so even if we had a new side-impact freezer, it wouldn’t match the fridge because they are only available in stainless steel or white. What’s more, new products only come with a one-year warranty, which shows how much they now believe in the product. Worse, our fridge runs all the time just to keep him at 40 F, which is as low as he’s going to be right now, so I think he’s low in Freon, too. It’s a pity they’re so beautiful, so we built our kitchen around them. After reading all these problems with third party kicks, the next brand will not replace them with hot tubs.
24. April 2012 Same problem
of : AnonymousI’ve had a Whirlpool Sidekick fridge and freezer for four years. My fridge doesn’t work anymore and I have to buy a new one and a freezer because they fit together. The refrigerant circulates in a hermetically sealed system and Whirlpool claims to have no control over it.

Around the same time I bought a Maytag washing machine, which had nothing but problems from the start.

I will never buy anything from this company again!

16. January 2012 Starting POS
from : AnonymousWell, I’m number four. Press it into the fridge without the freezer, and it starts to freeze again.

3 thermostats, 4 compressors and a whirlpool are less able to take care of themselves.

We also have one of their double ovens. The first week we didn’t have a digital display, after a few months the control panel fell down, it went down again, went out and in 2 days it went on again.

Never buy a Jacuzzi, it’s a JUNK!

27. November 2011 Switching with this product
from : AnonymousI can’t believe I read an article about this fridge without a freezer! Whirpool is not next to your product!

I also bought this product and got stuck in a freezer! I don’t want to buy another fridge that fits in the freezer. Now I have to buy something that doesn’t match what I have.

Don’t buy this product! The hydromassage bath wakes up and puts an end to the sale of refrigerators without freezers for the price of $ 150,000, which are badly made! Do not buy this product and write a letter of complaint to Whirlpool!

24. November 2011 The conscience of the buyer panics Seven.

Our customer loved our non-freezer whirlpool refrigerators and on his recommendation we bought them. Too bad we didn’t read the reviews.

They are very beautiful and imitate the style of a more expensive brand. In fact, a lot of people weren’t suitable for her (we didn’t look chic). Too bad they don’t work.

We had cooling problems with the freezer and the fridge, and we replaced the freezer compressor once. It’s a thank you tomorrow, and the freezer’s broken again. Now I can think about it all day and try to find the neighbors to store my food for SAVINGS ACTIVITIES. Yeah, who gets a place in the freezer on Thanksgiving?

Now I can either add $500 to
, try to find a replacement, or rebuild my cabinets to fit into another unit that works. Don’t buy them!

If you make sure you have neighbors to store your food. I’m never buying a hot tub again.

28. October 2011 Another irreparable freon leakage
of : LisbethThis month I have the second set of sidekicks in three years. The first set was damaged by the storm. Last week the fridge stopped cooling. I was told that it could not be repaired and that Whirlpool was not interested in taking responsibility. Has anyone filed a lawsuit? I’m in.
08. October 2011 Lateral impact of the vortex
of: Customer FigureSidekick is convinced that in his first year as an owner, two and a half years later, five complaints were filed when the Sidekick freerider escaped. Two repairmen came at $70 an hour to tell me the machine wasn’t good anymore. I paid $1,900 for a device that lasted two and a half years. I will never again sincerely buy another hot tub product, angry
08. October 2011 Lateral impact of the vortex
of: Customer FigureSidekick is convinced that in his first year as an owner, two and a half years later, five complaints were filed when the Sidekick freerider escaped. Two repairmen came at $70 an hour to tell me the machine wasn’t good anymore. I paid $1,900 for a device that lasted two and a half years. I will never again sincerely buy another hot tub product, angry
09. September 2011 Sidekick Whirlpool
from : GomezMy assistant pooped after two years. There was also a Freon leak. I called the warranty department and they told me the sad news that they don’t have a warranty for a sealed system.

So I threw it in the trash, and I never buy spa products again.

12. June 2011 Freezer without freezer compartment with SideKick E187trrrvo5
Whirlpool: TexasWe had the same problem with our Whirlpool SideKick freezer, which doesn’t cool down.

I’m stuck because I have a freezer!

I had the same problem with the boiler. …as I did with 65 bucks in the years we had problems!

May 2011 Whirlpool is a bad company that makes bad products
by : AnonymousI had the same problem with the sealed pipes on the side of the fridge that hadn’t been repaired.

I had to buy a fridge that was not like the others, but after two months without a fridge I had no choice.

hydromassage bath… You’re a bad farmer and you’ll reap what you sow.

20. May 2011 Our senses are exactly
of : AnonymousIt’s a bad product and Whirlpool won’t be behind it. Of course we were lucky, because ours lasted 4.5 years.

The mechanic (certified for the whirlpool) was surprised that the hermetic system did not have a guarantee of at least 5 years. For the same reasons we start from zero. Besides, we will never buy another spap product again.

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05. May 2011 SideKick refrigerator should be at the curb
: FloridaSame questions as the other comments. The installation of coils in the side walls excludes access. It’s a pretty expensive disposable refrigerator.

Unfortunately I have a MATCHING freezer, so I’m stuck trying to find another SideKick that fits in the room and the built-in freezer.

A poor design for which the whirlpool has to take responsibility. You also need to be a little more adept at instructing or crediting customers who have had this problem. I bet there’s more of us.

My Kennmore Side by Side 27 cubic meters worked perfectly for years… …replaced by a kitchen overhaul. If I had known… I could choose a different brand.

01. February 2011 Additional problems with the spa refrigerator without freezer EL87TRRRV05
at [email protected].February 2011

Last week my spa without freezer model #EL87TRRRVV05 Sidekick didn’t cool down at all.

I called the local service center at the spa and they told me that to start diagnosing the problem would cost $120.00; to add a fluorescent dye coolant that they could flip over and check for leaks for a week or more. Do not repair, only start diagnosis!

I thought I would call Whirlpool right away while the technician waits to see if there are any problems or feedback about the same model. I was assured that there were no problems with the model, no feedback, no complaints from customers

I’ve proceeded with the diagnostic repair. After I paid for the repairs and the equipment was gone, I figured out why not look for the el87trrrv05. The low point, and here’s the very first search, is Ellen J.’s complaint in Shohry, NY, with the exact problem:. Loss of coolant for about two years. For myexactly 2 years and 1 month have passed.

I’ll call the company when I write this. I was told that less than 10% of their products have problems. I told them it was only those that were recorded or entered into a computer.

I’m on hold, but my next question is this: If my model had more problems than 10%, they’d take action. I don’t think they will tell me the number of problem cases because they will only tell me the people I have called and no other information on their computer screen.

We all know how companies and department heads work to make a company or department better than it actually is. I intend to complain to every manager I’ve been a manager for 25 years, so I know it works.

They need better information for the customers who trust their business. I’m not saying the hot tub’s bad company. I’m just saying that if the spa and all the companies associated with it don’t solve problems and issues like this quality control problem, especially with regard to the customers they serve, it could be the beginning of a downfall.

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