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Notes on the quietest refrigerator on the market

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March 2020 Consumer reports Article NEW
of : AnonymousRefrigerators Normally you don’t think the fridge is noisy because it hums day in and day out. But when we tested the refrigerators, some of them were loud enough to calm the conversation. The quietest models were generally models with a freezer underneath and next to each other. It is the quietest of all configurations.

Four-door freezers: Two of the top four collections have won awards, including the Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4, $5,400, and the Samsung T9000 RF32FMQDBSR, $3,500.
Three-door sub-freezer: 13 of our top teams scored excellent noise points, including LG LFX32945ST, $3,000, and Kenmore 7160[3], $1700, CR’s best purchase.
An ordinary freezer: Our first four models received excellent silent ratings, including three Kenmore models that cost between $950 and $1,510, and the LG LDC24370ST, $1,650.
Top freezer: None of our best freezers deserved excellent sound performance, but four of the 12 models we recommended were very quiet, including the $1,100 Whirlpool WRT771REY [W] and the $800 Haier HT21TS45SW.
side by side: Four of the top five assistants scored excellent, including the highest, in addition to the Samsung RS25H5121SR ($1,900) and the Bosch Linea 800 B22CS80SN[S] ($2,700).

January 2020 Whirlpool not for sale New
from : AnonymousSuper loud high-frequency sound I can hear all over the room. And they said it was the normal sound of the fridge and there was nothing wrong with that.
December 2019 Low noise or low temperature chillers NEW
of : Kathy12/2019 I did some research on refrigerators and found out that the LG LSXS26366S 26.1 cubic foot door-to-door (side-by-side) stainless steel or black stainless steel has a low decibel and is therefore QUIET (in quantity)! Decibel: 46 dB

I have not researched the bottom drawers for this magazine because I do not prefer this style.

Most fridges don’t indicate their decibel (although this is always the case for dishwashers), but after reading a lot of comments about many brands and their noise level, I came across a remark about the decibel level. So I did some research on decibels and refrigerators and found that some of the markings indicate the level or that the level can be determined by the technicians of the equipment who commented on the noise level.

The sound of laws in the dishwasher:
Noise level
If you want to find the quietest dishwasher, check the decibel level. A figure of 45 or lower is almost silent – it’s like a quiet conversation in the library or quieter. Decibel levels between 45 and 50 sound like rain. Ranks of 50 and above correspond to a normal call level.

Check the sound level with OSHA:

See also: https://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/90427/quietest-dishwasher-by-decibel-rating-reviews-prices.

What a silence. With a rating of 60 decibels it will be difficult to talk in the kitchen, models with ratings between 38 and 44 decibels will be quiet. … Whisper 15 decibels. Normal call is 60 decibels.

That’s why I used information from OSHA.GOV and other websites for navigation.

I’m gonna buy LG, so I hope my research is done.

Good luck, and I hope you find this information useful.

December 2019 Silent fridges not found NEW
of : AnonymousA silent fridge is impossible to find because they don’t use it in the shop.
November 2019 Do not buySamsung! NEW
of : AnonymousAlthough the Samsung fridge is actually very quiet, our team compressor is inflated after 5.2 years. The manufacturer’s warranty is only 5 years. We were without a freezer for 4 months, spent $240 on repairs and went back and forth with Lowes & Samsung. There’s nothing you can do! This is a known problem that is part of the legal process, and Samsung will not withdraw to have the product repaired. The expensive $1,900 paperweight is also rather disappointing. Stay away from Samsung applications (if it is not a phone).
09. May 2017 High-frequency sound
of : AnonymousI just bought a Whirlpool 2017 fridge with a basic fridge (21 cubic meters) because I had a problem with my old fridge leaking from the ice machine. This new one makes a subtle high-frequency sound that irritates my ears. 30 minutes later I called them to come back. There’s no way to live with this thing in an open plan. You can’t walk away from this. I advise you to avoid that. I would like to know if anyone has completely solved the problem of noisy refrigerators. The problem is all over the Internet.
October 2016 New Samsung RF263TEAESG/AA According to
of : Bob HThe 25 cubic meters compressor in the French door works on 60dB. They told me at Samsung, that’s normal. Really? He said it was too quiet in my house.
December 2015 Low-noise cooler
of : AnonymousWhatever you do, stay away from Friedgader. I spent months with the mechanic to gradually replace everything. Eventually Friedgader sent me a new one, as the last one was under warranty. The new one is even worse! !! I have three walls between him and the bedroom, but I can only sleep with a rotating fan. Sometimes I think it drives me crazy. I think they use cheap metal and no insulation like all new ones. I think I’m looking for an obsolete model. Good luck, sir.
25. November 2015 Noisy refrigerator LG
of : Anonymous3,000 for 31 LGs three years ago, and I wonder what that was about. LH was quiet until a month ago. For some reason he started making different loud noises, and it was just one sound, but different loud noises at different heights, so loud that I can hear them in the bedroom on the second floor and in the kitchen on the ground floor. I wonder if it’s Obama’s fault for all this noise.
15. November 2015 Vortex cooler
of : AnonymousHydromassage refrigerators are very noisy.
31. October 2015 always
of : AnonymousSamsung’s French door is very noisy. I’ve heard it all over the house. L.G. is the same. All new energy efficient refrigerators operate continuously and at high speed. No good answers.
June 2015 Refrigerator noise
from : AnonymousRenovation of the kitchen with new appliances… …find a quiet dishwasher… Unfortunately, until the new Golden Whirlpool series, I never realised how noisy the fridge can be. Eight days, and it’s driving me crazy. You have to turn on the television in the next room to mask the noise. I think it’s time we got that thing back.
09. May 2015 Quiet fridge
of : AnonymousGas refrigerators are quieter than electric refrigerators.
06. December 2012 Still vintage fridge found
from : AnonymousI was also looking for a quiet fridge. I bought a fridge from the 50’s that needs to be defrosted by hand, but it’s very quiet.

Now I can sit down and do some research, no problem. I love my fridge. – Markett from the ’50s.

02. April 2012 Searching for quiet fridges
by : AnonymousIt’s for domestic use. Preferably 68 inches high and 33 inches wide or less.

Although I mainly want silence.

Help me, please!

09. September 2011 The quietest refrigerator on the market
of : InkThe ELECTIONS MAGAZINE (AUSTRALIA) has just completed a review of a wide range of refrigerators. If you live in Australia, you might want to check it out, but most models are not available elsewhere.

They ran sound tests in decibels.

The quietest is 30 dB from Mitsubishi and the loudest is 47 dB from LG.

These are also models from Australia.

25. August 2010. Here are some options.
of : Refrigerator controlSusan,

We would like to help you find the exactly the fridge you need for the , but we do need some more information, for example

  • What is your price range?
  • Would you like a French door with a freezer at the bottom or rather a side door?
  • Are there extra services such as ice / water vending machines, etc.?

If you prefer to look for it yourself, there are many good things that talk about , like the LG silencer, but many are also unhappy with the difficulty of repairing and getting parts for. Our other offer is to see the Samsung.

Several Samsung models have been tested for their exceptional quietness and have just won a consumer award with the best consumer satisfaction of all brands of refrigerators available on the market.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Click here for more information about LGrefrigerators.

Click here to learn more about Samsung refrigerators.

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