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Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the size or find a smaller device, depending on your needs. There are several reasons why you may need a smaller fridge. Whatever the size, you want a high quality product that does the job and lasts for years.

6 Best small side coolers

Summit FFRF3070BSS 30' Compact side-by-side refrigerator and...

Properties : The smallest refrigerator on our list is certainly not without performance. The top has a frost-free freezer, which is slightly smaller than the refrigerator. Adjustable shelves on both sides and LED lighting make this refrigerator elegant and useful. An alarm indicates that both sides have been left open.

  • Removable shelves in the freezer can be moved or removed
  • Good depth
  • Energy efficiency
  • Extra lock, including Shabbat mode.
  • The unit can arrive with bumps
  • Not commercially available.
  • The device seals do not always stay in place.
  • It can be noisy when it’s full.

Properties : The refrigerator manufacturer Igloo has made a leap in the direction of small refrigerators. This device can be placed under the cabinet or stand alone. The upper part is robust and designed to be used as a preparation station. The refrigerator is equipped with a chipset and two removable shelves. The freezer is equipped with two removable shelves, which, like the cooling plates, are adjustable in height.

  • Mounts can be moved or deleted
  • LED fridge
  • A quiet engine
  • The crystal box is clean, so you can see everything you put in it.
  • The device has an engine smell
  • No LED light in the freezer.
  • There are no door compartments in the freezer.
  • Lack of space in the freezer.
  • Temperature setting
  • The shelves on the fridge door are uncomfortable…

Properties : Avanti RMS is an excellent cooling/compact combination. It is energy efficient and contains LED lights. On the door of the fridge there are three plastic containers in which small objects can be stored perfectly and which must not spill. There is a crispy transparent box, ideal for fruit or vegetables, and three movable glass shelves for easy cleaning in case of spills.

  • The shelves are adjustable, including the wire shelves in the freezer.
  • It’s quiet.
  • Door seals are hermetic
  • There’s no basket in the freezer.
  • The temperature can be difficult to control and can form ice both in the refrigerator and in the freezer.
  • Doors can get stuck and cannot be closed easily.
  • Poor and unresponsive customer service
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Properties : An internal water dispenser and ice machine provide easy access to freshly filtered water and crushed or diced ice. Indicator lights in the fridge and freezer make it easy to see your inventory. The crispy humidity control maintains ideal temperatures for fruit and vegetables. The door alarm informs you if the door remains open too long. The LG SpacePlus Ice System is a unique way to mount an icebreaker that takes up less space.

  • The icebreaker works well and produces enough ice.
  • The elegant and refined design fits into any kitchen style.
  • Quiet compressor and water supply
  • With the ice dispenser you can choose the size of your ice cubes
  • The shelves are not adjustable.
  • The outside can look sticky and cheap.
  • The crates seem to relax and not stop at the track.
  • No light on the ice and water dispenser.
  • Poor lighting
  • The freezer racks at the door are too close together.

GE GSE23GSKSS Side refrigerator

GE GSE23GSKSS Side refrigerator

  • The temperature control system combines an electronic control unit, several electronic sensors and a temperature sensor….
  • The integrated shelf support system provides strong and flexible support
  • The factory installed icebreaker eliminates the need to fill pallets with ice and ensures a constant supply of available ice.

Properties : The Artica ice cube machine is designed so that you can either take your ice cubes out of the dispenser in the freezer or out of the freezer, so that you always have the perfect amount of ice cubes when you need them. The water filtration system is designed to filter 98% of the pharmaceutical trace elements normally present in water. The front TOUCH controls help you set the ideal temperature for your fridge and freezer; no more guessing with pointless handles.

  • Crystal with moisture regulation
  • Adjustable clear glass shelves
  • Waste bins on the transparent and flexible doors
  • The freezer is equipped with a wire basket and shelves.
  • One year limited parts and labour warranty
  • It’s quiet.
  • The cooler is placed at an odd angle.
  • Expansion required for installation
  • The light takes up too much space.
  • The ice and water dispenser does not burn.
  • It can be difficult to maintain the temperature on both sides.
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Properties : The innovative interior design makes maximum use of the limited space, including the patented tin cart on the refrigerator door. Clean baskets and shelves make it easy to see which dishes are in which drawer or on which shelf. The internal water dosing unit uses the EVERYDROP filter system to properly filter the water. Large frameless shelves make the use of every inch of the shelves an integral part of this product. There is an automatic freezing temperature control and an audible alarm if the environment is too cold. The LED lights in and on the dispenser are convenient and the door hinges are placed out of sight to maximise the appearance of the fridge.

  • The ice machine makes a lot of ice.
  • Door shelves are more than sufficient
  • Separate levers for dosing ice and water
  • Whirlpool has an excellent reputation for producing high quality products at reasonable prices.
  • The position of the light in the fridge makes it difficult to see everything inside.
  • Loud compressor noises
  • It is not possible to adjust all shelves or baskets on the doors.
  • Smaller freezer

In our search for small side-by-side refrigerators for our list it became clear that there weren’t many possibilities. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! We have found strong competitors in the small fridge and freezer categories. Although they all have the same features and functions, there have been many differences along the way, and some of them are failures. The biggest setback was the 33-inch LG model, in which the compact ice cream dispenser was used in a promising way. However, he lost a lot of land with solid planks and no height. It is therefore much more difficult to support a bottle of wine if the shelves cannot adapt to different heights. On the back, the 33-inch GE model had a punch, even for its small size. With its adjustable freezer baskets and ice cube machine that gives you access to all the ice you need from the freezer, it was a clear winner in our small size ranking. In the smaller group there were failures and victories, although the bells and whistles were not too big. The Summit model, with its adjustable shelves, digital thermostat and door alarm, was a clear winner. These were great improvements for such a small device.

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When it comes to multifunctionality, do not make the mistake of reducing the size of the refrigerator or placing a second refrigerator under the sink. After all, the fridge is in the middle of the house.

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