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More than Kenmore refrigerators

When we think of Sears refrigerators, most of us automatically think of Kenmore, but you might be surprised that Sears offers many other brands.

The Sears Home Appliance Center specializes in all types of popular brands of refrigerators, from Amana to Whirlpool. While Kenmore is still the bread and butter brand of Sears, other brands have also started filling their showrooms.


Searches Appliance Brands

Of course we’ll start with Kenmore, because it’s their own brand, and then we’ll make sure we cover the other 10 brands of Sears fridges below.



Kenmore refrigerators will always be known as Sears refrigerators. This is only normal as Kenmore devices are only available at Sears, Kmart or online.

  • Kenmore fridge style:
    1. Kenmore
      French Freezers Click here to see reviews
    2. Kenmore Bottom Freezer
      Click here for reviews
    3. Kenmore Side-by-side Refrigerators
      Click here for reviews
    4. Kenmore Refrigerators Top
      Click here for reviews
    5. Kenmore Refrigerators without freezer
    6. KenmoreCompact chillers
    7. Kenmore Freezers
  • If you are looking for a basic colour, you will like the fact that it is available in black, white, dirty white, metallic (artificial stainless steel) and stainless steel.
  • With a few exceptions, all Sears Kenmore refrigerators are Energy Star compliant, which is worth considering in this climate. Click here for more information about Energy Star
  • Kenmore Sears refrigerators can be divided into 3 categories:
    1. Kenmore Refrigerators:
    2. This line is a very good model, everyday, cheap, with a few bells and whistles, but it should take a while. This line has less high-end models and special items.
    3. If you prefer the French version of the door, you can try one of the other two lines.
    4. Click here to view reviews of Kenmore fridge.
    5. Kenmore Elite:
    6. This line tends to be more upscale with a smoother, updated look. Sears Kenmore Elite Refrigerator and Freezer – side-by-side, French with bottom freezer, no freezer, French with two bottom drawers for the freezer (a so-called four door freezer), solid freezer, upright freezer (ideal for use without freezer or alone) and wine cellar.
    7. These fridges bring beauty and even a little something into every kitchen.
    8. Kenmore Pro:
    9. As the name suggests, this line is designed for a more professional look and use. The only Kenmore Pro Sears cooler we found was stainless steel with a large vent at the top for good ventilation.
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If you want to know more about Kenmore Sears refrigerators or want to see the latest model reviews, click here for more information about.


Other brands of Sears refrigerators.

To our pleasant surprise, Sears has many other refrigerators with it to make a very good choice. Below is a list of the different brands of Sears refrigerators, each with a link to more information about the brand that makes it.

Bosch Refrigerators

Most of the refrigerators in the Bosch range are designed for built-in refrigerators with several independent refrigerators, all manufactured with a cabinet depth to make the kitchen run smoother. Below you will find the models of Bosch side-by-side refrigerators and freezers and the models with hinged doors.

Click here to see Bosch’s comments.

Refrigerators Electrolux

These models are generally smooth and give every kitchen a very modern look without being cold. Sears offers both Electrolux French door refrigerators and Electrolux side-by-side refrigerators at the normal price.

For something special, they also have separate beverage centres, coolers and ice machines.

Refrigerated Refrigerators

Special types of Frigidaire refrigerators are those worn by Sears:

  • Refrigerator on the side
  • Refrigerators and freezers Frigidaire Top
  • Refrigerator without freezer compartment (i.e. all refrigerators)

The price of these refrigerators is very low for top freezers and is almost twice as high as side-by-side refrigerators (but they are also much bigger on the inside).

Click here to view reviews of Frigidaire.

GE Refrigerators

One of the strengths of this line at Sears is that it offers almost any type of freezer (French door freezer, side-by-side, single door bottom and top freezer – and a compact fridge).

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Colours: white, biscuit, black, metal (i.e. artificial stainless steel) and stainless steel. As far as prices are concerned, these range from cheap to quite expensive, so we assume that GE will be your Goldie Locks brand and that the model will only have.

Click here for feedback about GErefrigerators

Jenn-Eyre Refrigerators

If you’re looking for luxury, look no further, because the Jenn-Air line, worn like Sears, includes every type of full-size built-in refrigerator (except the top freezer) that you can even imagine under the counters of fridges, wine cellars, drawer refrigerators and ice machines.

  • peak: A very nice aspect of these refrigerators is that most of them can be customized to look like part of your kitchen cabinet by adding panels.

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KitchenHelp Refrigerators

Here you can cover your refrigerators at a lower cost than at Jenn-Eyre, without having to sacrifice your appearance. If you need a French freezer with bottom, side-by-side or a single door freezer with bottom, take a look at this brand.

We were also pleasantly surprised that many of the KitchenAid refrigerator models that Sears is carrying are also counterbalanced.

Click here for Kitchen Aid Reviews

LG Cooler

It’s an interesting brand to look at if you’re looking for a one or two door freezer, because it’s almost the only LG fridge you’ll find at Sears.

However, we recommend that you read some reviews before you buy, as some models may have problems.

Click here to view the LGreviews.

Maytag Refrigerators

Although the number of maytag refrigerators at Sears is not large, the selection of styles, colours and prices makes this brand a brand worthy of meeting almost any need.

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Samsung Refrigerators

This brand is one of the most popular on the market and at Sears you’ll find all three types of Samsung fridges (they don’t make the best freezers).

In terms of price, they start with a slightly higher price, probably because of the lack of top cabinets and the fact that most of them have a fairly large capacity.

Click here for product reviews about the Samsung

Hydromassage refrigerators

We have recently learned that the hot tub and Samung are in the first place really connected in terms of the popularity of the brand.

One of the main differences is that Whirlpool specialises in side-by-side refrigerators and top freezers. At Sears you will also find a number of French refrigerators with a bottom freezer if you are looking for one.

Click here for Jacuzziexams


Refrigerators for the refrigerators

If you want more information about one of the above brands, click on the brand name to get more details about the refrigerators it produces.

Kenmore Refrigerators: If you want to know more about Kenmore refrigerators, this section of our website will tell you everything you need to know.

Kenmore Water filter: If you need a new filter for your Kenmore, we can help you find the best price.



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