Samsung’s RF263AERS



26 Cu. 3 door radiator with opening door – stainless steel

Total: The Samsung RF263AERS French door cooler is actually a Samsung product that tries to create a very energy efficient , a good. Check out all the features they’ve added below to make sure everything stays cool, easy and affordable.

This is a good choice for a family of more than two people (it can be a bit big if you are home alone and not having a lot of fun).

Despite its large capacity, this model is enriched with more than a few seemingly unimportant features, giving the impression that it has to sell for more than it actually does. Here are some of the things that make the Samsung RF263AERS so interesting:

  • Door alarm
  • Blue LED temperature display
  • CoolSelect storage (see below for more information)
  • Pizza bag freezer (does not seem to be a problem as long as all your pizzas are not crushed or lost)

Capacity: 26 cubic feet.

Magnificent features:

  1. Uniform cooling over the entire surface: A lot of time is often spent examining a refrigerator to find out whether it is energy efficient and how it is cooled. Samsung has not only highlighted these two topics, but also from different angles.
  • First of all, the doors must close properly . Samsung has added what they call CoolSafe doors – they close automatically and give you a great expression.
  • How does the air of circulate around? Are there hot or cold spots? The best way to ensure temperature uniformity is a constant and even airflow, which is included in the Samsung RF263AERS.
  • Good circulation makes you think. Do fridges and freezers share the same air? Then your ice cream can be as tasty as yesterday’s salmon dinner (ih!) This model actually keeps the airflow from the fridge and freezer separate from the , preventing the mixing of smells and temperatures.
  1. EZ Drawer for freezer: In the first generation of bottom freezers, it was true that the freezer drawers became very heavy when food was placed in them, making it very difficult to open and close them. The RF263AERS (this model) has an open EZ handle, making it quick and easy to reach frozen objects.
  2. Longer freshness: It may sound strange to say/read, but we think you can prolong the freshness of your fruit, vegetables and other delicacies (although you should always use the best dates on the package;) thanks to several specialized storage areas in this refrigerator: humidity control room, refrigerators with humidity control, dairy products
  3. Lighting: The only thing to keep in mind with this model is that it does not have LED lighting, which is really becoming the norm, both to avoid emitting heat and to make it seldom or never burn out, and to make it easy to find what you are looking for.
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Colours: This model is available in black, white, stainless steel and stainless platinum (easier to clean than stainless steel and magnetic).

Effectiveness: Award-winning Energy Star

EIA: $ $2099 – suggested retail price, but not actual retail price. As you can imagine, this is one of the cheapest French door coolers from Samsung.

We did some research on this model to find out where it sells best. Take a look at today’s offer below:


Similar models to Samsung RF263AERS

If you look at a single model refrigerator, it seems that there is never enough to make the final decision. That is why we have listed 3 other models below for comparison.

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samsung rf263aers service manual

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