Samsung RF28K9070SR Fridge All Inclusive Review


It’s not always easy to buy a new fridge. There are many possibilities on the market. Not to mention the fact that there are many new concepts and ideas. With so many choices, it can be very difficult to make a final decision quickly. Maybe you even feel a little lost or are unable to make a decision because you have too much information.

We want to make things simple. We came up with the Samsung RF28K9070SR for you. We will inform you about the company and tell you about the style and technical characteristics of the refrigerator. We also give you some price information and even make a small price comparison for you. Finally, we will give you a list of pros and cons and our final recommendation to help you make your decision.

Samsung was founded in 1938 and has grown into a very famous company. However, it is best known for its electronic products, including a very popular range of smartphones. However, the shift to devices is not surprising, because in today’s world devices are often highly technological.

Samsung has shown that refrigerators can be much more than just a refrigerated storage space for food. With its innovative and elegant design, the company has created a range of appliances that exceed all expectations and make life in the kitchen easier for everyone.

This South Korean company has modest roots. It began as a training company that wanted to help the country’s post-war economy. Over time it has become a very well-known brand. The company uses its technological know-how to promote new and innovative device ideas that will lead consumers into the future. Thanks to their performance and features, Samsung coolers, including the RF28K9070SR, have quickly become popular.

Samsung RF28K9070SR – French fridge. Many customers prefer this type of refrigerator. People love the way it’s set up, with a French fridge on top and a box-shaped freezer underneath. The design is smooth and seems to be of high quality. It also allows better access to both bays, which facilitates access to objects and the organisation of space.

However, this type of refrigerator has some disadvantages. If the freezer does not have tools such as bunkers or racks, it can be difficult to organize them. Also, some people don’t like having a freezer. French doors are also generally one of the most expensive options on the market.

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Another important aspect of this refrigerator is the FlexZone, a part of the appliance that can be a refrigerator or a freezer. You can adjust the temperature to suit your needs. This space is perfect for storing drinks at lower temperatures or for storing extra items. It also regulates how food is stored and can be used as storage for commonly used items.

RF28K9070SR Specifications

The Samsung RF28K9070SR gives you 28 cubic meters of space. This includes a special FlexZone. It is important to note that this is a French four-door model. This means that instead of the bottom drawer, which is common in this type of refrigerator, you have two sets of hinged doors, one at the top and one at the bottom. However, the lower compartments are completely separated from each other, because one of the compartments is the FlexZone space. If you don’t use a freezer to store a lot of things, or if you have a separate, special freezer, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s worth thinking about.

Here are some additional features of the RF28K9070SR:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Triple cooling in all three compartments
  • Resistance to fingerprints
  • Ambient airflow
  • LED backlight
  • Freezing capacity
  • Energy cooling
  • The CoolTight door
  • Door alarm

All these characteristics influence the efficiency of the device. They ensure that the temperature stays in the right place, odours are eliminated, the energy bill remains low and the refrigerator is more convenient to use. Especially the Power Cool and Freeze functions, which allow you to cool down quickly to stop the extra energy consumption when you put something warm in your fridge or freezer, are very popular.

Seen from the outside, you get a smooth finish and opposite doors. The main measures of the instrument as a whole are listed below:

Depth: 34.25 inches.

Width: 35.75 inches

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Height: 71,875 inches

To avoid space problems, keep in mind that the depth is 47,625 inches with the doors open.

Inside the fridge has a capacity of 16.6 cubic meters. It only has five tempered glass shelves. All planks are waterproof to prevent major damage and to facilitate cleaning in the event of an accident. The shelves are also adjustable, so you can adjust the cold store to suit your storage needs. You get a pull-out shelf that fits large objects. The refrigerator is also equipped with two one-gallon containers and two moisture-controlled refrigerators. The water and ice dispenser is located in the fridge door. The ice master is the ice master.

The freezer, which covers the FlexZone, offers 11.5 cubic meters of space. It is divided into two parts, so you can use half as FlexZone. Both sections have two shelves, similar to those in the refrigerator.

Samsung is doing great with its warranty offers. You receive a one-year warranty on parts and labour, which should cover almost all your needs for the first year. You also benefit from a five-year guarantee on spare parts and a guarantee on the use of a sealed system. The compressor is guaranteed for five years and parts for ten years. Always keep your warranty information in a safe place if you need it. You don’t want to miss the repair costs because you can’t find the warranty information.


The selling price of the RF28K9070SR offered by the manufacturer is approximately US$3200-3400. However, Samsung often offers significant discounts. At the time of writing, the price is about $2,800. Although you don’t have to buy directly from Samsung. In fact, other retailers may offer even larger discounts. For example, Best Buy and JCPenney sell this model for about $2,700. Don’t forget to check the price of the RF28K9070SR at the different stores for the best savings.

With the introduction of older and newer models you get better offers for the RF28K9070SR. When a brand starts to modernise, it often stops marketing older models, resulting in higher discounts on these models. So make sure this refrigerator is marked as out of order so that you can get the savings you have made with it.

  • It looks sleek and elegant.
  • It has excellent lighting.
  • Freezer is easy to organize and use
  • Stable and reliable operation
  • FlexZone is very useful.
  • Includes user-friendly operation
  • No customer service available
  • The water filter replacement indicator works on a time basis rather than usage basis, so it is not entirely accurate.
  • The icemaker is clogged and freezing.
  • stable
  • consistent climate management
  • The icemaker is clogged and freezing.
  • quiet work
  • Useful site
  • Hot water dispenser and Keirig
  • Useful site
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The four-star classification is fully related to the problems of the glacier. It doesn’t look like Samsung is making new refrigerators with a different icemaker, so it’s a good guess that one day every owner will see a malfunction in the icemaker. It is interesting to see whether Samsung is making any changes in this area. Without an ice cream maker, it’s a great fridge.

The Samsung RF28K9070SR offers greater flexibility in data storage. Having such a FlexZone option is truly unique, because few other brands use this technology. It also gives you a little more control over the overall ease of use.

Since the price of the fridge seems to be dropping, we think we can recommend it if you can avoid problems with the ice machine. If a fully functional ice cream maker is not that important, it may be the best fridge for you.



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