Samsung RF28HDEDPWW Refrigerator Review – a look at its specification


Gone are the days when the refrigerator was only meant to keep food cold. Because the latest technology is built into refrigerators of all sizes, the possibilities are more numerous than ever. If you want a large fridge with some unique additions, take a look at the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW French fridge.

This manual contains all the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW. Compare this refrigerator with other high quality French doors and learn more about the pros and cons of this Samsung refrigerator.

Choose a refrigerator built to last, with plenty of storage space and using the latest technology. In this guide you will find all the important details you need to take into account when choosing the right refrigeration unit for your kitchen, office or any other place where you need a top-of-the-line fridge. If you haven’t recently bought a fridge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the updates to the latest models.

What is the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW?

This large refrigerator offers many standard features and a few extra conveniences. With 28 cubic meters of storage space and adjustable shelves, it is one of the largest units on the market. Refrigerators generally have a capacity of 9 to 30 cubic meters. There are several larger models and the mini refrigerators are even smaller, but this size corresponds to the overall size of a standard appliance. Think about this refrigerator if you have a large family or if you often have a lot of people on the floor. If you’re used to a small fridge, this model may seem too big for a small family or couple. However, if you’re tired of a cramped fridge, you’ll love the extra space.

Before you buy this model, you should check the dimensions and compare them with those of your kitchen. The last thing you need is a fridge that’s too big for your kitchen.

The Samsung RF28HDEDPWW is in French style and is a popular and practical choice. This appliance contains a lower freezer and an upper refrigerator. The cold room has two doors for more comfort. You can open a door for quick access to certain items, and each door is half the width of a refrigerator. So you don’t need so much space in front of the unit to fit the large hinged doors of standard refrigerators.

Above-ground freezers, however, are the most energy-efficient refrigerators. All Samsung refrigerators are Energy Star certified, but the cost of electricity varies from model to model. This large French refrigerator will cost more than a smaller, more efficient model.

All Samsung refrigerators come with a one year warranty, with free delivery and installation. If you shop in a department store or online store, make sure your purchase includes free shipping. Many stores also offer a refrigerator buy-back program. So remember to return your old fridge for even more comfort.

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Although there are many models of Samsung refrigerators available, the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW combines a large frame, many interesting features and a competitive price.

For more information about this specific refrigerator, please refer to the specifications.


  • $2,736
  • French door style
  • 28 cubic metres
  • Showcase door
  • Stainless steel cooling plates
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Ice cream maker
  • Digital water and ice dispenser
  • One year warranty
  • Customer rating: 4.4 stars

A fridge door has a double door design that allows easy access to small items without having to open the entire fridge compartment. All door panels are made of stainless steel, which is better insulated than other materials.

It also includes a number of other standard features, such as an ice cream maker that can hold up to 4.2 pounds of ice and takes up less space in the fridge. The water dispenser has a practical LED display and is designed for filling glasses or large pots. It can dose cube-shaped and crushed ice as well as filtered water.

This French fridge has three doors, which is standard. Samsung and other brands also offer four-door models that offer even more space and comfort. Many customers prefer the hinged door model because of its practical storage options. Unlike side-by-side refrigerators, the French unit has normal dimensions of freezers and refrigerators.

Like most Samsung refrigerators, this model is equipped with LED lighting, which is not only bright but also energy efficient. The crispy drawers are adjustable and spacious, so there is enough space for fresh food. But because it’s a French fridge, it’s not as energy efficient as other models.

In contrast to conventional freezer doors, this door protrudes straight out, just like the shelves on the inside. This makes it possible to reach the freezer from both sides, which is much more convenient than a hinged door.

Choose between stainless steel, black stainless steel or white exterior depending on your kitchen decoration. Stainless steel is a durable choice, but fingerprints are often more visible on these highly polished surfaces.

In general, customers love this robust and spacious refrigerator. It is an excellent price for the format and comes with a number of interesting features. However, some customers believe that the door drawers are smaller than those of competing refrigerators. The ice crushing function is also less efficient than customers would like.


The Samsung RF28HDEDPWW has a competitive price in cubic meters. In this price range there are several refrigerators of more than 28 cubic meters. However, this model has fewer extra functions than many other refrigerators. Without smart features, without a hands-free water dispenser and without extra large door containers, the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW seems more versatile than other fridges at this price point.

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Like all fridges, the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW is quite expensive. You can find refrigerators for as little as $350 or $4,000. This makes the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW one of the most expensive refrigerators on the market.

You can order this refrigerator online at the Samsung online store or you can buy a Samsung refrigerator at Sears, Home Depot or other department stores. Make sure the delivery and installation are free of charge and consider purchasing an extended warranty or suitable appliances to complete the kitchen of your dreams. Fortunately, the stainless steel and white exterior finish of the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW fits most kitchen styles.

Compared to

Samsung RF28HDEDPWW has many competitors. These refrigerators are not of the highest quality on the market, but each offer a spacious option with multiple bells and whistles. When comparing, think about which functions are most useful to you.

Many customers prefer to compare refrigerators per cubic meter of storage space. This allows you to maximize your storage capacity at the best price. Consider the outside dimensions of each refrigerator, as some larger models may not fit in your kitchen.

Another way to compare comparable refrigerators is to analyze their characteristics. Take a look at the trinkets that come with the appliance, such as the spacious water dispenser, the practical double door functions or the cleverly designed cooling equipment.

All refrigerators on this list have a very similar price. If you can’t find a higher price for a particular refrigerator, you can assume that you will have to pay about the same price for each of these models. Each refrigerator also comes with an annual warranty, which is standard in the industry. This warranty also covers the installation. So make sure you buy a refrigerator from a store that offers free installation. Most brands also offer a 10-year warranty on the compressor, which is also standard.

GE PYE22KSKSS 36' Energy Star Qualified Meter Depth ...

Easy to use

Quality of construction


Don’t be fooled by the legs of the dice. This falsely spacious French fridge is designed to counterbalance the depth. It gives your kitchen a smooth, integrated look. There are many adjustable shelves, such as the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW. But even the shelves lack six cubic meters of storage space, which is striking.

The water dispenser is very spacious and designed to place the carafes on a practical tray. So you don’t have to hold a heavy glass or jar to pour ice and filtered water.

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Guests love this efficient and stylish refrigerator. However, it lags far behind its competitors in terms of storage space and additional capacity. Each refrigerator on this list is very competitively priced, but this model is slightly cheaper than other comparable refrigerators. It’s a good choice if you want a stylish, high quality refrigerator that doesn’t compromise on quality for a compact shape.

Kenmore 4675043 Smart French Door Refrigerator, 24 cc...

Kenmore 4675043 Smart French Door Refrigerator, 24 cc…

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  • Control your Kenmore smart fridge from anywhere with Alex. From the application or using voice commands you can…
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Easy to use

Quality of construction


The Kenmore Elite 75053 is the only smart fridge on the list that is slightly larger and certainly smarter. This function allows you to synchronize your fridge with your phone via the Kenmore SMART application. The application allows you to check basic statistics such as temperature and filter status, as well as annoying questions such as Is my fridge door open? Smart fridges have a practical function that you never knew existed. Some customers find this more strange than useful, but many customers appreciate the convenience of the SMART application.

This Kenmore cooler has other features that are closer to those of the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, such as a water and ice dispenser with filter. Just like the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, there is a second icemaker in the freezer, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ice. The Samsung RF28HDEDPWW is not available in the black stainless steel offered by the Samsung RF28HDEDPW and is only available in traditional stainless steel.

Like the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, this refrigerator has a handy two-door system that provides easy access to small items that are normally stored in door baskets.

Guests appreciate the convenience of this refrigerator. However, it still has much less cubic meters of memory than the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW or LG Electronics LFXS29626S.



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