Samsung Four Door Fridge


A 28 cubic foot 4-door refrigerator Flex™ Food Display Case with FlexZone™ Model number:  RF28K9380SG

GENERAL: The Samsung RF28K9380SG 4-door refrigerator is one of the most innovative and functional refrigerators in the Samsung refrigerator range.

This refrigerator has 28 cubic meters of internal storage and the possibility to extend it by converting the FlexZone freezer compartment into a refrigerator (see below).

Samsung is known for its high-quality technology, and that translates into firsts.

We called this refrigerator one of the top ten refrigerators of 2019, and after reading this report we hope you understand why.

Samsung Four Door Cooler Features:

The Samsung four-doorrefrigerator has a number of interesting features:

  • Iceman: A huge, space-saving ice machine that can drill almost 3 kg of ice a day.
  • Energy Star classification:  It’s also an Energy Star refrigerator.  This means that a 16 to 20 cubic meter refrigerator with this wattage probably uses less energy than a 60 watt light bulb.
  • As a rule, the larger the refrigerator, the greater the energy consumption. But thanks to other energy saving features, this refrigerator is very efficient in its size.
  • FlexZoneProperties :  Turn frozen space into a refrigerator in no time to meet your storage needs.

  • Exposure to food Showcase: The outside door provides quick and easy access to some of your most commonly used items.
  • This saves energy by keeping the air cold.  Ideal for families on the move.
  • (Note: the image below does not show the Samsung four door refrigerator – it only shows the function of a food display case).

  • Triple cooling function: Samsung’s four-door refrigerator also features Samsung’s patented triple cooling function that keeps food fresher for longer.
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  • Adjustable shelves: To store higher items, simply fold down the top part of the shelf.  They can be smooth or tilted, depending on the model you choose.

  • Doors with fingerprint protection: One of the most annoying things about stainless steel (and even a black surface like this) is that it can never look clean.
  • Usually a brush stroke with your fingers against the door is enough and you get greasy marks that never seem to disappear.
  • Samsung has minimized this problem with a new fingerprint-resistant interface.  This is a standard edition of the new Samsung RF28K9380SG four door refrigerator.

Other relevant information

FORCE:   28 Cubic leg inside

COLOURS:  Black stainless steel

MER: 3,199.00 (but closer to 2,199.00 online)



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