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Top 4 Samsung Refrigerator Floor Cooler Reviews

We decided to make a Samsung floor freezer because buying a new fridge can be very confusing. We wanted to make buying a fridge easier and simpler. We have limited the number of fridges to , 4 best Samsungfloor freezers.

If you scroll down you will see the 4 reviews of Samsung’s bottom freezer that caught our attention.

In we only installed an overview of the refrigerators and a link to the complete overview if you want to know more. Either click on the image to see more than , or click on the link to read the full reviews.


Top 4 reviews about Samsung fridges and freezers

It wasn’t easy to reduce the number to four Samsung refrigerators with a lower freezing compartment, but we did it. We have tried to meet everyone’s needs in our 4 options. Remember, s are the best 2-doorfreezers.

You could read all four of them, because we’re all trying to make them different.

(If you want to see the best French Samsung 3 and 4-door refrigerators, click here.)

1. Samsung RB195ACPN Bottom fridge/freezer

Samsung RB195ACPN Lower Refrigerator Freezer

CHECK: This 18 cubic foot freezer with bottom is the perfect choice for those on a budget who want to add style and comfort to theirkitchen. Although it doesn’t offer all the benefits, you still get value for money. It is not available in stainless steel, but in stainless platinum, which looks like stainless steel and is easier to clean. Grand Prix, large fridge. Read the complete overview.

Evaluation :

2. Samsung RB197ACRS RefrigeratorBottom freezer

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Samsung RB197ACRS Low-end fridge/freezer

CHECK: Although this Samsung bottom freezer is only 18 cubic meters in size, it comes in such a small package with many functions. Between the E-Z opening handles, the inside of the gallon door of the storage space, the LED lighting, the sliding shelves, the Energy Star layout and the stainless steel surfaces you will feel spoiled by this little miracle. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t need a lot of space, but wants the perfect combination of style, beauty and functionality of the – if only everything could be described this way. Read the complete overview.

Evaluation :

3. Samsung RB215ACPN Refrigerator bottom freezer

CHECK: This Samsung 20 cubic meter freezer is very similar to the first report (RB195ACPN) above. It is a large fridge that still has many nice features, but not all the little ones. This really is the ideal -bag freezer for those who need more space but have abudget. The best part is the automatic ice maker, the door alarm, the external scoreboard, the internal filtered water dispenser, the Energy Star qualification and even more: making you feel like you’ve spent. Read the complete overview.

Evaluation : .5

4. Samsung RB217ACRS RefrigeratorBottom freezer

Samsung RB217ACRS Refrigerator Bottom freezer

CHECK: This model is one of the best-selling Samsung freezers on the market. We believe that the with all its great features is the largest freezer that Samsung currently produces. Basically, this has everything and can contain alls. Read the complete overview.

Evaluation :


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Other Samsung sub-models of refrigerators

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