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Investigating refrigerators is an extremely reliable method of determining which refrigerator to buy without seeing it in person.

Before you make a final decision about your new fridge, you should consider these four things:

  1. 1. What is your budget?
  2. 2. What is the best model for your family?
  3. 3. Which type style fits best with your existing decor?
  4. 4. Which functions would you like to see most?

The answers to all these questions will help you determine the type of refrigerator you need, but you may still be a little confused about which model to choose.

Our five-star rating system for refrigerators is just one measure to help you distinguish between good and bad. You can quickly browse through the reviews to see which model suits you best.

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Kühlschrank Pro Rating System

That’s how our five-star system works: Five out of five is an ideal result, while models that have three stars or less in common are generally models that we would avoid.

One of the best rated refrigerators is the recently popular Side by Side and French Door . Brands that have consistently proven themselves include GE, Amana and LG. No wonder Amana has some of the highest quality refrigerator models, both in terms of total cost and quality.


The 5 main evaluation areas

In the testing process, we consider the following five areas to be the most important:

  1. Durability: You need a refrigerator that can withstand daily use and time testing.
  2. Style: This is not as important as other factors when buying a refrigerator, but I would like to know that the manufacturer has spent at least some time making the product attractive.
  3. Easy cleaning: There is nothing more annoying than a refrigerator that is difficult to clean because of its poor design. In this category, refrigerators are judged on how easy it is not only to clean the outside of the refrigerator, but also to reach spilled liquids when they occur, or to avoid them in the first place thanks to the Smart Design.
  4. Functionality: Does your fridge have to be functional? They want the features added by the manufacturers to actually solve the problem, not create it. Appliances such as ice makers and water distributors are great, but at what cost? Most of them are not only expensive, but sometimes take up too much space to store food, so you bought a fridge first, didn’t you? All this is therefore taken into account when assessing the functionality.
  5. Total: It’s nice to know how it’s all done. A five-star rating like this:
  • tells you it’s a fridge to think about.
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With this in mind, this website has been designed to provide you with a complete list of the best refrigerators with a rating of. Our evaluations are based on a combination of our own internal tests and a compilation of data from customer feedback, manufacturer, retailer and other sources. This combination is the most accurate way to assess whether a particular refrigerator model is suitable for you.

Remember that from size to color to style, there are many aspects to consider before making your final choice.


Best rating of refrigerators

At, we want you to easily find out which refrigerator models are best suited. So we sorted a lot of inferior models with fewer points and got stuck on the best ones. Here you will find links to the best refrigerator models in different categories:

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