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Live the rest of your life with a good slogan .

The LG refrigerator line has a history of and. Like GE, LG is a large conglomerate. It was founded in 1947 in South Korea and was originally called Lucky-Goldstar. You may remember a long list of home electronics called Goldstar, such as clock radios and devices.

LG Cooler The cooler is actually produced by the LG Electronics division of the LG Group, like all larger appliances. Goldstar aircraft were first considered an alternative to some major American discount brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore and Maytag. LG is still considered a discount brand by some. But LG’s products have become more attractive and reliable, while still remaining relatively affordable.

The Life’s Good slogan is reminiscent of the old GE Bringing Good Things to Life slogan (which they had omitted a few years ago in favor of GE: Imagination at Work). LG has come a long way to make a name for itself on the South Korean market.


The different styles of LG refrigerators

There are 4 basic types of LG refrigerators before you go to work. We’ve listed them all below and included links to the top 3 or 4 refrigerator reviews for each style. Click on one of the links below:

Cooler LG with hinged door (3 or 4 doors)

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Floor coolers LG
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Side cooler LG
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LG Best freezers
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We loved many of them because of the many features of the and the extra power not normally found in refrigerators in theprice range. LG recently chose the model to produce the LG Top Freezer refrigerators here in the United States. Currently there are only a few models with an interior volume of 22 cubic meters. The biggest difference seemed to be the white or stainless steel version.

We also appreciate LG ‘s commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty to thebrand. Because LG has introduced many innovations in a number of other areas, the company is able to apply this knowledge to electrical appliances.


Refrigerator LG : Unique features

LG has a number of unique features that it brings to each of its product lines, and its basic units are no different. These are just some of the features you might want for your LG fridge:

  • Multiple airflow system: They think this would be obvious to most manufacturers, but that’s not really the case. LG has ventilation holes in every shelf of the fridge, so refrigerators with have no hot spots because they distribute the cold air evenly over the fridge. A constant temperature means a longer shelf life and fresher food.
  • Film N’ Serve™ Box: This full-size fruit and vegetable box provides easy access to your fruit and vegetables.
  • SpacePlus™ Inner orbit: And finally the road to an ice machine in the freezer that doesn’t take up the valuable storage space we all need. All you have to remember is that there’s not much ice in it. The dispenser can be supplied in a normal or extra high version for filling large glasses or jugs.
  • Ice Plus™ Accelerated Freezing : This allows much faster ice production and should not be a problem if at some point there is less ice in the freezer.
  • LoDecibel™ Operation: If you are looking for a quiet refrigerator, you should buy it as an option, as not all LG refrigerators are equipped with such a refrigerator.
  • Door alarm: Although a door alarm can seem insignificant if you have children (or a forgetful husband), you know how much money you can save on spoiled food. (If it’s really a problem for you, there are also problems with parental control)
  • LED interior lighting: If you haven’t yet seen what they look like in person, a visit to a local appliance shop is worthwhile. The light is very bright and pure and adds a brightness not found in a conventional lamp. Not to mention the fact that they need to be changed much less often.
  • 10-year warranty onlinear compressors : Not all models have this type of compressor, but if you’ve ever had to replace a compressor, you know it can be quite expensive.
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(If you are looking for customer reviews on LG , please scroll down this page to for real LG customer reviews. Don’t forget that someone who loves his or her fridge usually isn’t looking for a new fridge and doesn’t write reviews about it).


Energy efficiency

The vast majority of these refrigerators are Energy Star certified. This means that the works with 15% less energy than the allowed by federal standards. As far as the protection of the environment is concerned, we still advise you to look at Energy Star models for the time being, rather than models that may consume more energy.

The money you save by saving energy and any utility discount can even help you pay for the fridge!

LG’s range of refrigerators includes some of the most popular refrigerators, but they generally have innovative features that are less common in popular brands such as GE, Amana and Whirlpool.

We have looked at some of these refrigerators and listed our recommendations at the bottom of this page. If you recently bought an LG fridge, scroll down and will tell us about your LG fridge!


LG Refrigerator Test reports

LG Side cooler: LG has dozens of models of side-by-side refrigerators, but there are a few that really stand out. Let’s see which models we liked.

LG Refrigerators for Low Range Freezers: Lower the freezer: With increasing popularity, LG floor refrigerators are strong competitors. We also have some favorites!

French door refrigeratorsLG: LG French door refrigerators are popular and are becoming more and more popular. Look what LG French door refrigerator we buy with best!

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LG Best fridge-freezer: There aren’t many, but if you’re looking for a freezer, it’s worth checking them out.

Reviews LG: If you want to see a much broader list of reviews than the top 3 or 4, look here to see everything you might need.

LG StudioSeries refrigerators : If you’re looking for a high-end LG cooler with meters of depth, the Studio series is the right choice for you.

Refrigerator test reports LG: Looking for customer reviews about LG refrigerators? Then this page is for you.

Stainless steel chillersLG: If you’re looking for a well-priced stainless steel refrigerator, you should see it – not to mention the interesting variations in the qualities of stainless steel they make.

Best fridges LG: Here is a short list of LG refrigerators with the best score. These models were the best from the point of view of both consumers and manufacturers.

Water filter LG: By choosing the right water filter and a filter that matches the fridge, we have created a source that will help you find the right filter.

What do you think of your LG fridge?

We also need YOUR opinions and experiences! Your comments can be of great use to those who want to buy the same thing. (If you want information about the LG Refrigerator LG Feedback , scroll to the bottom of page).

To help us better understand your story, please add the following

  1. What is the model number and type (e.g. French door, side by side, etc.) of your fridge?
  2. How long have you had it?
  3. Do you love or hate you and why?
  4. Was he reliable? Would you recommend it?
  5. Everything else we need to know!

Tell us your whole story! Every day we hear from people who want to know what you have to say. Your comments might help someone else make the right decision!

What other visitors said about their LGRefrigerators

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