LG LFXS32766S French door refrigerator


A 31.5 cubic meter stainless steel cooler with SpacePlus™ and door-to-door™ features!
Model number:  LG LFXS32766S

GENERAL: The LG LFXS32766S French Door Chiller is another great addition to the LG cold store line.

We distribute the door-to-door function from LG.  It’s really one of the features of any refrigerator.

In a world that has a ton of Smart Appliances , this particular model goes back to its roots.

The fridge and freezer have a huge interior.

This French LG door cooler is also equipped with other functions.  Many of them are listed below.

It was one of the best refrigerators and was recently voted one of the top 10 refrigerators of 2019 and according to consumer reports received a buy advice from Buy.

LG LFXS32766s Refrigerator door with French door

LG LFXS32766S French door cooler Features:

The LG LFXS32766S French door refrigerator has a number of excellent features.  Here are some remarkable ones:

  • Door-to-door function — The door-to-door function allows easy access to conventional objects.  This energy saving feature makes it easier to deliver drinks and snacks.

LG LFXS32766s Door-to-door refrigerator

  • Easily accessible containers:  The LG LFXS32766S cooling bunkers for hinged doors are wide open for easy storage.
  • The Smart Cooling technology is designed to maintain the best conditions in the fridge. The linear compressor and the double evaporator adapt to the level of humidity and temperature to keep your products fresh for as long as possible.


  • Adjustable shelves: The LG LFXS32766S French door cooler also has adjustable shelves.  This way you can store higher items by simply folding down the top of the shelf.
  • They can be smooth or tilted, depending on the model you choose.
  • Double ice machine:  With the LG LFXS32766S French door cooler, you’ll never have to worry about having enough ice in the house again.
  • There are ice generators in the fridge and freezer.  The icemaker in the fridge is part
  • Slim RoomPlus version.
  • This maximises storage space by minimising the volume of shelves occupied by the voluminous ice cream maker.  You can use this function to increase the space in the door of the trash can.
  • The ice machine in the freezer is fast and produces an enormous amount of ice cream per day.
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Other relevant information

POWER:20.7 for the fridge and 10.8 for the freezer – only 31.5 cubic meters.

COLOURS:  Stainless steel

IPP: $3,499.00 (but closer to $2,499.00 online)



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