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The mini fridge/freezer Alpicool 15 litres 12 V Alpicool 15 litres 12 V is an impressive portable fridge and freezer from Alpicool.

Foshan Alpicool Electrical Appliance Co Ltd is a first class manufacturing company based in China. It is located in Shun de, a place usually called the city of electrical appliances. Although Alpicool has only been around for a few years, the company has made a name for itself in a short space of time with high-quality products at an affordable price.

Alpicool offers a wide range of products under its name. Lately, however, he has taken a closer look at the mini-fridges.

This global distributor also has a team of skilled employees in its manufacturing department to ensure that high standards are maintained and that products are delivered under the best possible conditions.

In this overview we give you everything you need to make a well-considered decision about your Alpicool 15 litre 12V mini fridge-freezer.

Come on, let’s go.

Who needs an Alpicool 15 litre 12V mini fridge/freezer?

This Alpicool portable fridge is the perfect travel companion and will be very useful on the road.  A 12-volt DC cable is included in the scope of delivery. Maybe you can even put it in the cigarette lighter of your car.

What else? Its portable size makes it suitable for outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a portable fridge to keep your food and drink cool during picnics and other walks, this might be something for you.

Although this cooler is more popular with travelers, its use is not limited to this group. Anyone can buy this refrigerator if he or she wants to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks while driving around town. You can even use the power supply at home as a mini fridge.

Alpicool mini fridge-freezer 15 litres 12V

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Alpicool 15 litres 12VMini fridge-freezer Features

Cooling efficiency

One of the things you like about an Alpicool cooler is that the food and drinks are cooled efficiently. This is an excellent feature because we believe that it makes no sense to invest in a portable cooler that cannot sufficiently cool the contents.

This cooler works with compressor technology and is capable of bringing objects to the desired temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature.

The Alpicool cooler can also be used as a mini fridge. In this case it can reach -4 degrees Fahrenheit like a normal fridge.

The thick insulation keeps the cold at bay and provides continuous cooling throughout the journey, even when the car is parked.

There is now a limit to how long this device can keep things cold when not connected to a power source. Therefore, insulation over a long period of time can only be very effective if the products have been frozen before the power failure.


The versatility of the Alpicool cooler is due to the possibilities of the power supply.

First of all, the fact that it is a 12/24V cooler means that the user can choose to run it on almost any type of car battery. This means that there are no restrictions on the type of vehicle in which this cooler can be used.

It also comes with an AC adapter that allows the user to use it with a 110-240V network at home, in the hotel or in the office.

Not all portable coolers are equipped with an adapter, so we are very happy that Alpicool has decided to include one. So you don’t have to buy it separately.

Aha! We thought we missed something: This refrigerator also works on solar energy.

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Pretty versatile, huh?


This portable cooler comes with handles on both sides. The handles make it portable and make it easier to carry the fridge. The fact that this cooler is quite light is a plus, because not everyone wants to wear a heavy cooler.

This cooler is made of durable plastic. It is therefore characterized by its strength and robustness.

Thanks to this cooler, car journeys in difficult conditions have absolutely nothing to say about you or the contents of the cooler. Well, we say that because this device is not only vibration proof, but also designed and built to tilt up to 44 degrees.

This means that the Alpicool Cooler can accompany you on the boat trip you want to take with your friends and family. All you have to do is save your favourite items and be sure to have them whenever you want.


The memory size of this cooler can be described as an appropriate size. We like it to be small and light, and we like it even more that its size does not affect capacity.

With a capacity of 15 litres, this cooler can hold up to 20 cans of soft drinks. There is plenty of space to store a personal cooler or a cooler you can share with friends. It can even be used to refresh a drink during a mini party or a car trip with friends and/or family.

Energy consumption

True to his claims, this Alpicool cooler works really well. It cools the contents quickly and forms ice just as quickly.

In some cases, ice has already formed in the fridge within an hour.

However, to get the most out of this refrigerator, it is advisable to pre-cool the items before placing them in the refrigerator, as you would with a normal refrigerator.

In addition to these functions, there is a three-stage battery protection system for the car. If you’re afraid your battery will run out and go nowhere, you can relax knowing it’s protected.

Alpicool mini fridge 15 litres 12 V. Freezer

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Plus Alpicool Mini fridge-freezer 15L 12V

i. Fast and powerful cooling.

ii. It is equipped with a three-stage battery protection system so that your battery will never be fully discharged.

iii. No extra ice is needed, because this cooler is able to cool and even freeze the contents.

iv. Appropriate storage space.

v. This cooler is light, portable and easy to carry.

VI. It is supplied with AC and DC cables and should not be purchased separately.

vii. Because of its durability, it can withstand shocks and rides.

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Alpicool 15 litre mini fridge/freezer 12V

i. The controls are difficult to understand and some hidden numbers suggest that this refrigerator might be more suitable for technically savvy people.

Alternatives Alpicool 15L 12V 12V Mini fridge/freezer

Small volume

Dome fridge/freezer10.5 litre portable fridge/freezer (12V)

This dome cooler has many beautiful features, such as light weight and portability.

We like it that the small size is not at the expense of the overall performance.

This efficient chiller works not only as a refrigerator, but also as a freezer. It is thus able to reach temperatures up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Dometic CoolFreeze also has low power consumption, so it can run on solar energy. The fact that it doesn’t use that much energy means you don’t have to worry about

Despite the fact that this chiller is almost half the size of Alpicool in the magazine, its price is about twice as high.

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High power

Cooler/heat exchanger Knox 48-Quart 12V with wheels

The Knox cooler is an affordable alternative to the specified product, even if it uses thermoelectric cooling. We thought it would be better to offer a much larger fridge, suitable for parties and large families. What we do like about this cooler is that its large size does not affect the cooling capacity.

As a thermoelectric cooler, it cannot freeze its contents, but what it lacks in cooling is compensated for by its alternative heating function. This function allows you to use the refrigerator all year round during the cold season. So you can enjoy soft drinks, hot soups and tea in the summer when it’s cold.

It is equipped with collapsible handles, side handles and wheels that make it easy to move the fridge. So you can pull it like a hand luggage.

However, it should be noted that this Knox cooler, although much larger, is cheaper than the Alpicool cooler discussed in the review.

If you are interested, you can read our detailed review of this 48 quarter 12V wheeled cooler/locker here.

Radiator/heating Knox 48-Quart 12V with wheels

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higher version

CoolFreeze 35-Quart 12V Dome fridge with Wi-Fi App

This is another impressive Dometic cooler.

It has some nice qualities. The cooling is quiet and powerful, which is a big advantage because the compressor cooling is usually very noisy.

This cooler is equipped with an automatic internal LED backlight that lights up when you open the cooler, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. This is especially useful at night, when you need to open the refrigerator in the dark.

Thanks to the digital temperature display, you can effectively monitor the temperature of your refrigerator at all times.

It also has a USB port that can be used to charge the battery when needed.

The capacity of 35 liters is quite large and inside this refrigerator you can easily store a wide range of bottles, cans, etc..

In addition, the storage basket is removable and can be stored flexibly. In addition, the items can easily be removed and placed in the refrigerator, as the storage bags can always be removed.

We like the fact that this cooler is able to cool the contents down to -22 degrees Celsius. This cooling efficiency is also independent of the ambient temperature.

Its price is much higher than that of Alpicool chillers, as is normally the case with high-end chillers.

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Quick comparison

  Characteristic product Small volume High power Upper level
Product Alpicool 15 litres 12 V mini fridge-freezer


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Dome fridge/freezer10.5 litre portable fridge/freezer (12V)

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Conveyor belt 46-Quart 12 V portable cooling/heating unit with wheels

Radiator/heating Knox 48-Quart 12V with wheels

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Dome cooler 35Quart 12V with Wifi App

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Capacity 15 litres 9 litres 60 cans/44 litres 32 litres
Dimensions 22.4 inches x 12.6 inches x 12.6 inches. 21.6 inch x 9.4 inch x 14.1 inch 21.75 inch x 16.25 inch x 17.5 inch 27.2 inch x 16.1 inch x 15.6 inch
Characteristics Adjustable shoulder strap, digital temperature control Adjustable shoulder strap Two side handles, a folding handle and wheels. Digital temperature controller, Wifi application
Available sizes 15 litres 10.5 liters, 17 liters, 24 liters, 33 liters, 38 liters, 47 liters, 76 liters, 104 liters. 44 litres 10.5 liters, 17 liters, 24 liters, 33 liters, 38 liters, 47 liters, 76 liters, 104 liters.
Available colours Dark grey Grey/Black Blue and white Grey

What users say about an Alpicool 15L 12V mini fridge/freezer

The general consensus about this Alpicool cooler is that it is quite efficient. Many users are satisfied with their purchases because this portable cooler works properly in their opinion. It cooled food and beverages very quickly to freezing point, and some users explained how it turned their drinks into slush.

Some users also think that this portable fridge will earn you money.

They were happy to hear that this chiller works just like other higher quality chillers that cost more.

Users also appreciate the chiller’s energy-saving features. But who wouldn’t like to have a function that helps you save energy and the car battery.

However, this refrigerator is not without its defects.

For example, there is a problem with the complexity of management. As a result, some of our users were unable to use the refrigerator optimally because they did not understand its functions. They were also unable to access certain hidden functions.

Some users still complain that the temperature sensor is faulty. For some this was a problem, but it was easily solved by using an external thermometer to calibrate the temperature of the chiller.

Our stop

This is what we think of the Alpicool 12V portable cooler:

One of the things we like about this refrigerator is that it is able to efficiently and quickly bring food and beverages to the optimal temperature, and that it can be used as a freezer.

We were also impressed by the fact that this cooler is equipped with an energy-saving function so that it does not discharge the battery. We also like the fact that the cooler has a power supply. There aren’t many coolers to go with it, and sometimes you have to buy them separately.

However, the user’s manual supplied with this device is somewhat vague and makes it difficult to understand the benefits of some of the device’s functions.

That’s why we think it’s very important, before making a final decision about this product, to point out that you may not be able to get the most out of this device if you are technically incompetent.

But if you like a good challenge and are not afraid to try to understand it, then maybe you should consider it.

All this points to the fact that in our opinion this cooler is on an equal footing with other high-end coolers that are almost twice as expensive. It is effective, sustainable and relatively affordable.

Alpicool 15L 12V mini fridge-freezer

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