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How to keep frozen ice in the fridge.

So, you’re going on a picnic and you need to bring an ice cream. In the meantime, with the exception of the portable mini-fridge, you can of course not take the refrigerator with you. Hence the coolers – which bring us to the millionth question of how to keep ice cream in the fridge.

Refrigerators are more reliable than refrigerators and tend to keep things cooler. But there’s always a way around these things.

That’s why this article will tell you about some burglaries we found about keeping ice cream in the fridge.

How to freeze ice cream in the refrigerator

The taste of cream melted in the mouth is not only unsatisfactory, but also a waste of time. How do you make sure the ice cups you keep in the fridge don’t melt?

There are basically two ways to keep ice cream in the fridge. The first method is the use of normal ice, the second is the use of dry ice.

Let’s see how these methods are applied…

Picture of a Silviarete from Pixabay.

Picture of a Silviarete from Pixabay.

Keeping frozen ice with plain ice

Many believe that normal ice melts too quickly and is not good enough to stay frozen.

In most cases, however, the type of insulation in your refrigerator determines the shelf life of the ice cream.

In addition, frequent opening of the refrigerator can affect the speed of the ice melting,

All that has been said are the necessary steps to keep the ice in the fridge with normal ice:

  1. Choosing the right chiller

You can hear some sellers say that all coolers are the same, especially if they want you to get one.

But the radiators are different. And one of the main differences is the choice of insulation used by the manufacturer.

Because Yeti coolers, for example, are well insulated, they freeze ice much longer than styrofoam coolers.

  1. Do not put ice cream in the hot fridge.

Before you put the ice in the fridge, make sure it’s cold. It is advisable to stay in the refrigerator or freezer before putting it in the fridge.

To extend the time the ice stays cold, pour in the old ice (if you had it in the fridge) and fill the fridge with new ice before putting it in.

  1. Keep the ice on the bottom of the refrigerator.

As with refrigerators, the objects closest to the ventilation opening remain cooler.

It is therefore advisable to keep the ice on the bottom of the fridge, where ice cubes will be available.

If you need to keep other things cold and not frozen, you can put them on top. Also be careful when mixing hot or hot objects with ice.

  1. Obtaining a very large block of ice
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Make or buy a big block of ice.

Large blocks of ice stay frozen longer than small blocks. They also extend the freezing time of your ice cream.

A large frying pan or large freezer bag can be used to make a large block of ice cream.

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  1. Slightly slow down the merger process

You know you can slow the pace of the ice melting? Rock salt used to be an ingredient of ice cream. It always helps to keep the ice cold.

To prevent a large block of ice from melting faster, sprinkle rock salt on the surface.

  1. Double barrier protection

They’re trying to protect the current temperature of your ice. A good way to do this is to apply a protective layer before insulating the refrigerator.

An easily accessible protective layer is the thermal packaging, which is normally sold in most local shops. In these thermal packs you can fold ice and ice cream before you put them in the fridge.

  1. Make sure the cooler is filled with.

The only thing you don’t want in your fridge is space. Empty surfaces melt ice faster. If the ice cannot cover all areas, you can use towels to fill the room.

  1. Turn the refrigerator off and keep it away from the sunn

Don’t open the fridge from time to time to make sure your desserts taste good, or because hot air comes in and the ice melts.

Just so you know: If you follow steps 1 to 7 as recommended, you can be sure that your ice cream will stay frozen for a while.

In addition, we suggest that you protect yourself as much as possible against sunlight. If you enjoy an outdoor picnic in the sun, you can keep it cool under a chair, umbrella or in the shade.

Frozen ice with dry ice

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  1. Getting dry ice

You can buy dry ice in grocery stores for just a dollar.

Besides, it takes 10 to 20 pounds of dry ice for every 38-litre cooler.

If you want to make the dry ice yourself, you can do so by spraying a CO2 fire extinguisher into your pillow for about 2-3 seconds.

But make sure you protect yourself by wearing shoes, chemical resistant gloves and other protective clothing.

However, if you ask us, we recommend the stress-free method of getting ice cream in the shop.

  1. Choosing the right chiller

To keep dry ice frozen, use a well-insulated refrigerator with a ventilation opening. The ventilation opening is designed in such a way that dry ice vapours can escape to the outside.

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It’s an important thing you can’t miss.

If you get a sealed cooler, the released gas will increase the pressure. One of these days, your fridge will explode. If your fridge has no vent, leave it open a little to let the gas escape.

In general, chillers made of expanded polystyrene or plastic are used to store ice.

  1. Treat dry ice in the right direction

If you are not protected when using dry ice, you will be injured.

Dry ice can burn your hands because the temperature is low enough to cause freezing on contact.

Whether you put the ice in the fridge or take it out, make sure your skin doesn’t touch the ice. Wear protective clothing and gloves.

  1. Make sure your ice stays at the bottom of.

As with the usual method of making ice, place the ice trays on the bottom of the fridge. Dry ice works best when placed on ice bowls.

If that’s enough, put something under the ice and a little more on the ice.

Also wrap dry ice in towels. If you leave it open, it’ll dissolve faster. Towels also protect dry ice from destroying other things in the fridge.

  1. Put only ice cream in the fridge

Since you plan to use dry ice, buy another fridge for storing drinks and other things with regular ice.

Dry ice can freeze anything. And you don’t want to wait hours before you can take a sip of your drink out of the can.

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  1. Leave no extra space.

All small spaces in the fridge ensure that the dry ice evaporates quickly. If you don’t have enough ice or bowls of ice to cover the room, use towels. They won’t let the ice evaporate any faster.

If your refrigerator is equipped with a breather valve, close the lid firmly. Otherwise, open the lid only a little to allow the gas to escape.

  1. Keep the radiator protected
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Since you want to prevent dry ice from evaporating and freezing, keep the fridge out of the sun. Put him in the shade.

If you drive with the radiator in the car, make sure you put it in the trunk as well. This is done so that the carbon dioxide escaping from the radiator does not fill your car. The accumulation of carbon dioxide can lead to dizziness or even collapse.

  1. Removing dry ice

Never think about pouring your dry ice into a ditch when you’re done. The ice can expand and cause a large explosion.

Removing dry ice is very easy. When it evaporates, you can leave the fridge open and all the ice disappears in a few minutes.

Are you going hiking soon and do you need some tips to stay cool and clean during your walks? Click on the video below for more information.

Fast exchange

Finally, there are two answers to your question about how to keep ice cream in the fridge. You can use dry ice and regular ice. Whatever you choose, place your fridge in the shade, away from the sunlight. In addition, do not open the refrigerator until you have prepared your ice cream.

However, for safety reasons, we are happy to recommend the conventional freezing method instead of dry ice to store your ice in the refrigerator.

A picture of Anita S. from Pixabey.

A picture of Anita S. from Pixabey.

You can also save yourself a lot of stress by switching to 12V portable coolers that you can simply turn on with a cigarette lighter. Some have a freezing function that your ice cream probably needs, especially on hot summer days.

We’ve looked at a number of top-of-the-range 12V portable coolers that might suit you based on functionality, weight, performance and style. You can watch them here!

You can also read our article aboutHow long does the ice in the Yeti Coolertake to learn how to get the most out of your ride when you have ice with you.



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