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Hot-spot devices are ideal for storing large amounts of information in a small space

If you look at a Hotpoint refrigerator, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that in addition to small fridges, there are many other types of Hotpoint appliances.

Hotpoint Refrigerator Style :

  • Side-by-side hot-spot refrigerators
  • Hot-spot refrigerators High-end freezers
  • Hot spot of compact cooling units
  • Hot Spot Freezers

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The brand Hotpoint is one of the many brands of GE (General Electric). Hotpoint produces not only GE Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers, but also Hotpoint dishwashers, extractor hoods, microwave ovens, Hotpoint dishwashers, Hotpoint dryers, Hotpoint compactors and Hotpoint recycling equipment.


Side-by-side hot-spot refrigerators

If the fridge is next to each other, that’s exactly what you’re looking for, and the bad news is that there are two models on the market (both with a capacity of 25 cubic meters). These two refrigerators are of the same model, only one is completely white or black and the other is made of artificial stainless steel. However, it seems that once these models are sold out, there will be no more Hotpoint refrigerators produced in this style.

Some functions are available on this model:

  • Structured door surface
  • Glass shelves – 3 of which are elongated.
  • 4 tanks with adjustable door
  • Storage of liters in the door
  • External ice and water dispenser
  • * Could come with a children’s castle
  • Digital temperature control
    • Note : This cooler is not marked with Energy Star.


Hot-spot refrigerators High-end freezers

Although Hotpoint offers a wider range of freezers, storage capacity ranges from just 15.5 to 18 cubic meters. Most of these models are ideal for a cheap and quiet refrigerator.

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Some of the features offered in these high-end freezer models:

  • Glass shelves (although most come with wire shelves).
  • Ice machines (most of them are provided, some are not).
  • The Energy Star score – only about a third of these are Energy Stars, so make sure you check them before you buy.


Hot spot of compact fridges

The good news is that Hotpoint has really tried to cover all your possible needs in this category. They start with a very small, compact 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator and go up to a 4.3 cubic foot version, which is available in black and white or silver.

You can choose between different functions:

  • Depth versions
  • Reverse doors
  • Black, white or silver metallic surface

All these refrigerators seem to be comfortably priced and are ideal for any home or office. The only strange thing you’ll find is that when you do your research on them, they seem to be GE compact refrigerators. We think it has more to do with the fact that they all belong to the same company.


Hot-spot freezer

If you need a freezer, Hotpoint is the ideal brand for you. They know that everyone in this industry has different needs, so they have made 6 different sizes, ranging from a large compact fridge (6 cubic feet) to a large standard 24.9 cubic feet fridge-freezer combination. The best part is that as a freezer you can stack your stuff on top of each other, which gives you much more storage space.

  • peak : If you use a large freezer, you need to be very organized, because searching for something in the freezer without gloves can be quite painful.
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We recommend that you search for the model that comes with the lock to make sure it will not open or leave open when it is not supposed to.

**Keep in mind that all Hotpoint cabinets are currently manufactured by GE. The situation seems to be the same as with their compact refrigerators.


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