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The technology and properties of refrigerators have evolved considerably in recent years. While some brands are introducing new technologies quickly, others are slowing down and monitoring consumer response to make sure they only install the most desired improvements. A refrigerator with many high-tech features may sound exciting, but many of these features are probably not useful to you. It is much better to spend time looking for a refrigerator that suits your needs than buying a high-tech model such as the GE GSS25GSHSS.

Of course you also have trouble finding the model that suits you best. We would like to help you understand this by giving you a complete overview of GE GSS25GSHSS. We’ll give you some general information about GE and details about the GSS25GSHSS style. We then look at the technical specifications of the refrigerator, talk about the price and give a more accurate picture by looking at the pros and cons and comparing them with other comparable models.

About GE and GSS25GSHSS


General Electric is an old and respected company with more than 125 years of experience. She is highly motivated to produce high quality, energy efficient devices. The company produces household appliances, including refrigerators, in the GE Appliance business unit. The brands the company sells are Monogram, Café, GE, Profile, Haier and Hotpoint. GE’s products are manufactured in the United States and the company is headquartered in Louisville, Cay. GE has been operating under the leadership of its parent company, the Haier Group, since 2016.

The company’s mission is to improve the lives of its customers. Whether it’s creating new innovations or creating reliable products, the goal is to help you manage and run your home more easily. The company focuses on innovation while keeping prices affordable and meeting the needs of modern customers. As you can see, the GSS25GSHSS delivers exactly what it promises.

Before we take a closer look at the GSS25GSHSS we’re looking at here, you’ll want to see the style of this refrigerator. The GSS25GSHSS is a side-by-side refrigerator. This means, on the one hand, a freezer and, on the other hand, a refrigerator with vertical separation instead of a classic horizontal refrigerator.

Thanks to this style, the doors need less space to open. This is practical for kitchens that may not have enough room for extra rooms. It is also easier to organize and take items out of the freezer because it is built in the same way as the refrigerator. It’s also about holding things you don’t want little kids to step on.

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The disadvantage of this type of refrigerator and freezer is that the freezer is much smaller than the refrigerator and freezer compartment. This can make it difficult to insert certain items, such as frozen pizza. However, many manufacturers create special organizational features to overcome this problem.

Refrigerator features GE GSS25GSHSS

Side cooler GE GSE25HSHSS

Side cooler GE GSE25HSHSS

  • Adjustable door baskets provide additional storage space for larger items.
  • Deep door baskets make it possible to store objects of one litre or more, creating more storage space and leaving more space on the shelf.
  • Glass freezer racks offer a high-quality appearance and reliable storage of various items.

When buying a refrigerator, most consumers pay particular attention to storage space. The GE GSS25GSHSS gives you 25.3 cubic meters of storage space. The fridge is 15.7 cubic meters, the freezer is 9.6 cubic meters. The interior of each compartment is well lit and designed for ease of organisation and use.

The refrigerator has a lot of organizational possibilities. It has two sliding shelves and three adjustable shelves. The shelves are fitted with leakproof glass, making them easy to clean in the event of an accident and allowing you to hold them in your hand. The integrated shelf support system supports the shelves and keeps them securely in place. You will receive two adjustable and two fixed gallon containers. There is also a multilevel box for fresh food, a snack box and a box with adjustable humidity. The door has adjustable baskets and a milk compartment.

The freezer has two adjustable shelves and a fixed shelf. In addition, the freezer compartment is equipped with a half-sealing shelf, making it easy to install various items. There’s even a sliding basket. There are two stationary containers in the door. The freezer also has an ice bunker, which provides sufficient space to store large quantities of ice from the icemaker.

You get a water and ice dispenser at the door, so you can easily get cold water or ice when you need it. This dispenser produces crushed or cube-shaped ice. The ice-cream maker is Arctica and the dispenser uses an advanced filter system to ensure that the water always tastes clean and fresh. The dispenser is also illuminated, so you can always fill the cup easily, even in the dark.

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The appliance has many functions that ensure efficient operation and provide you with fresh and tidy products. These functions include :

Temperature control with four sensors


Never clean capacitor

Advanced electronic sensory controls

The fridge is equipped with a child lock so that children cannot get in. There is also a door alarm system to prevent the hot air from being too strong. It even has a holiday mode when you’re on the road and don’t need the same temperature level as at home.

This stylish refrigerator has a stainless steel exterior with a profiled door. It is 69.5 inches high, 35.75 inches wide with the doors closed and 35.25 inches deep. When the door is open, the width increases to 43.5 inches. To install this unit, you will need a little more space around the refrigerator so that it can function properly and does not overheat. You need 0.125 inches of space on your pages. The top needs one centimeter and the back another two centimeters.

The GSS25GSHSS is supported by GE, so you can be sure it works well and stands the test of time. The unit comes with a one-year limited parts and labor warranty to give you peace of mind in the event you receive a defective unit.


The manufacturer’s proposed retail price for GSS25GSHSS is $1,499. However, this is not necessarily the price at which he will sell. Many retailers offer discounts or sales to lower the price. Although GE does not currently offer discounts or rebates, Best Buy and Lowes sell this model for as little as $1349.99. Beware of retailers trying to sell it for over $1,499. You must never pay more than MSRP.

  • Reduces quickly to the correct temperature after the first connection
  • The door alarm is a practical function that works well
  • It’s got plenty of room in the fridge.
  • It sounds expensive, but it’s affordable.
  • Contains a lot of ice
  • The lighting works perfectly both in the fridge and in the freezer.
  • Has excellent humidity control
  • Fingerprint resistant surface
  • The freezer has no organizational capacity.
  • The lighting is not flat and takes up a lot of space.
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Compared to

Comparing purchases is important because you want to make sure you get the best value for money. We found three refrigerators from other retailers, all next to each other. We couldn’t find three refrigerators selling for $1,499, but we did find similar refrigerators selling for almost the same price. Below you will find a comparison of the different models, with some additional remarks on how each refrigerator is measured before the competition.

The LG LSXS26366D 36' French door cooler with 26.1 cubic meters ...

Side refrigerator 220-240...

Whirlpool 6ED2FHKXVA 23 cubic meters. Side refrigerator 220-240…

  • The export of only 220 volts does not work in the United States.
  • Gross capacity of 630 litres (23 Cu.Ft) in satin stainless steel : resists fingerprints, accepts magnets and…
  • 8 ccf Flat door Refrigerator volume design Automatic defrosting ACCU-CHILL Temperature control Double door
  • The problem of temperature
  • less space inside
  • boorish
  • noisy

Comparison table


Check the assessment: 4.5

We gave GE GSS25GSHSS a fairly high rating because it is a strong unit. It works well and has good long-term durability. The people who owned this refrigerator for years were just as satisfied with it as when it was new, which says a lot about the overall quality. We believe that this device will be of great value to consumers and will be a great asset to any household.

Although it is certainly not the largest fridge on the market, it seems large enough for most households. Moreover, it is difficult to deny that the experts compensate for the shortcomings of this system. For most people, the fact that it’s a well-designed refrigerator that makes money is much more important than the small design problems. We highly recommend the GE GSS25GSHSS to anyone looking for a side-by-side refrigerator model.



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