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Recently my water cooler stopped working next to my General Electric fridge. We’ve had a GE fridge for about 5 years and we’ve never had this problem.  The ice machine was still making ice, so I knew it would still get water.  The ice dispenser worked perfectly when I tried to dose the water. I heard a click and the light went on, so I assumed the electronics on the control panel of the ice dispenser were right.

I spent a few hours reading the forums and testing different theories.  Finally, I noticed that the water pipe on the inside of the door was frozen.  You see, the water supply runs from the wall under the fridge and divides.  A line leads to the ice machine.  The rest of the coils in the water pipe behind the crusher to cool the water, then back under the fridge from the bottom of the front and then left on the inside of the freezer door behind the hinge.   Finally, the insulation on the inside of the door stops isolating the water supply and freezes it near the control panel of the distributor.

So, voila, your problem is probably frozen water line.  And how do we solve it?  Many forum users suggested replacing a door for $500 or providing their own insulation.  Other users propose temporary corrective measures, such as twisting a waterfall line across a water line.  If the line freezes, all you have to do is pull on the cutting line and clean it.

In the end I found a simple and cost-effective permanent solution.   GE must have brought the $30 coin under item WR49X10173, a tubular heater for water dispensers that can be easily connected to the control panel of the dispenser to heat the water pipe just enough to prevent it from freezing. You can buy it downstairs at Amazon for $40.

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You may want to buy a fellow plumber to help you defrost the pipes, but by injecting hot water into them.

If this does not work, consider replacing the water filter or water valve, as both can slow or stop the flow of the cooler.

Update : After a few years, the plumbing problem is still not solved. The series-connected boiler seemed to have solved the problem and we never saw it again. Of course we had other problems with our GE fridge, but the water supply was never frozen again.

Let us know below if it worked for you (or not) so we can all help you solve those annoying fridge problems!



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