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To make sure you get the most out of our reviews onrefrigerators, you need to know what kind of refrigerator you’re looking for. The four questions we ask on page integrated chillers will help you choose the models that best meet your needs.

If you already have a good idea of what might interest you, scroll down.

We have divided our reviews into three main categories of built-in refrigerators (click on one of the links below to go directly to that category)

Refrigerators to order

Refrigerators for cabinet depth

Refrigerators without freezer compartment


Individual refrigerators

At the moment we only have 5 built-in fridge reviews in this section, but we will soon add more from the Gaggenau range. Currently you can enter Click here for more information about Gaggenau.

  1. Bosch
    Two built-in refrigerators and freezers with bottom view for the full height of the wine rack and the side-by-side refrigerator.

    • Bosch
      side refrigerator (model B36IT70NP).
    • Wine refrigerator for Bosch Integra 24 with wine rack
      (model B24IW50NSP)
  2. Gaggenau
    As already mentioned, we will be looking at others in the near future, but to find out more about their lines, click on the Gaggenau link above. For your information: There are few other models to choose from.

    • Gaggenau Custom Freezerless Refrigerator (Model RC472700)
  3. General Electric
    Here are 2 GE models that are useful if you are looking for a model with side doors or a model with a French door.

    • Profile GE 23.3 Cu. Ft. Side cooler with pipette
      (model PSI23NGWWV)
    • GE Profile™ 25.5 Cu.
      refrigerator (model PFSF6PKWW) with hinged door.


Refrigerators Measurement depth

We are pleased to inform you that refrigerator and freezer warehouses are not limited to a few depth counters, and some can even be used as custom depth refrigerators or simply as beautiful stainless steel cabinets. The best thing is that you can start with stainless steel and then add a custom locker for a change.

(Click here for more information about refrigerators for cabinet depth)

  1. Amana
    As mentioned on the page integrated chillers, many companies offer a special type of chiller at no extra cost, and Amana is one of those lines. Here are 4 installation views of countertops/cupboard refrigerators :

    • Refrigerator Amana 19.9 cubic base
      (Model ABC2037DEW)
    • Amana Easy Reach Plus refrigerator, bottom mounted, left hinged,
      stainless steel (model ABL2037FES)
    • Amana Easy Reach Plus refrigerator with bottom mounting, right hinged,
      stainless steel (model ABR2037FES)
    • Amana 21.6 cubic meters refrigerator,
      stainless steel (model ACD2238HTS)
  • Bosch
  1. The Bosch brand is interesting because the two models shown below represent all the refrigerators/refrigerators they produce and the differences between these models do not seem to be very large. Bosch Evolution 800
    side-by-side refrigerator (model B20CS80SNS) Bosch Evolution 500
    side-by-side refrigerator (model B20CS50SNS)
  2. Dacor
    Watch the view from the built in fridge of this beautiful Epicure French door from Dacor :

    • Dacor Epicure
      French door refrigerator (Model EF36BNDFSS)
  3. Gaggenau
    If you want the quality of Gaggenau to look like smooth stainless steel, the fridge below is for you.

    • Gaggenau 30 refrigerator without freezer compartment Speakers with
      stainless steel interior (model RC472700)
  4. General electricity
  • GE wanted to make sure you could find the freezer compartment you needed by creating 5 refrigerators that would meet your needs. They range from 20.6 to 24.1 cubic meters for indoor storage.
    • GE Cafe 20.7 cubic meters. Energy Star French door refrigerator –
      stainless steel finish (model CFCP1NIZSS)
    • GE Cafe 24.6 cubic meters. Side refrigerator with ice / water dispenser –
      Stainless steel version (Model CSCP5UGXSS)
    • GE Profile Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews – Built-in
      1. GE Profile 42 side-by-side refrigerator with ice and water dispenser – panels required
        (model PSB42YGXSV)
      2. GE Profile 48, built-in side refrigerator with ice/water dispenser – panels required
        (Model PSB48YGXSV)
      3. GE Profile 42, built-in side refrigerator with ice/water dispenser –
        stainless steel (model PSB42YSXSS)
      4. GE Profile 48 side-mount refrigerator with ice/water dispenser –
        stainless steel (model PSB48YSXSS)
  1. Jenn-Air
    The two models we examined below really caught our attention. We paid special attention to the Pro-style version. Look at you two to see which one’s best for you.

    • JennAir
      stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator (model JCD2295KE)
    • Jenn-Air Pro-Style 20 cubic feet Refrigerator – Under Refrigerator –
      stainless steel (model jfc2089he)
  2. KitchenAid
    We felt that what KitchenAid had to offer, with so many different models, was something very special. You will find all sizes of refrigerators in these built-in warehouses, now you need to see which refrigerator meets your needs.

    • KitchenAid 42 Architect II 22,5 Cu. Recessed French fridge door –
      stainless steel (model KBFC42FTS)
    • KitchenAid Architect II 19,7 Cu. Glass door refrigerator with counterweight depth – white
      (model KBFS20ETWH)
    • KitchenAid 24.5 cubic meters, side by side, against the depth, Architect II Refrigerator – Monochromatic Stainless Steel (Model KSCS25FTSS)
    • Kitchen refrigerator
      (model KSCS25FTMK), stainless steel, 24.5 cubic meters, refrigerator with reverse rotation depth II (model KSCS25FTMK).
    • kitchen side, 23.7 cubic meters, refrigerator with side counter – monochrome
      stainless steel cabinet (model KSCS25MTMK)
    • Architect’s kitchen side II 25 Cu. Ft. Side refrigerator with proportioner – monochrome stainless steel housing (model KSS25RSMK)
    • KitchenAid Architect II 21.8 cubic metres counter top with French door
      (model KFCS22EV)
  3. LG
  • LG freezers are one of the latest brands on the market, but it’s a brand you can’t live without. See the three points below for more information.
    • LG 23.5 cubic metres LG series side-by-side studio refrigerator with external ice and water dispenser –
      stainless steel (model LSSC243ST)
    • LG 20.5 cubic meters counter top studio fridge with hinged door, external ice / water dispenser and two (2)
      freezer drawers (model LSMX214ST)
    • LG series 20.7 cubic metres French door refrigerators –
      stainless steel version (model LFC21776ST)
  1. Samsung
    Countertop Samsung fridges are beautiful and stylish and add a lot to any kitchen. See the two links below for more information.

    • Samsung 17.8 cubic meter freezer –
      stainless steel finish (model RF197ACRS)
    • Samsung French door cooler with 23 cubic meters depth and external ice/water dispenser –
      stainless steel version (Model RFG237AARS)
    • Samsung 24.1 cubic meters Samsung 24.1 cubic meters side by side depth with external ice and water dispenser –
      stainless steel model (RSG257AARS)
  2. Whirlpool bath
    The name whirlpool bath is synonymous with quality and provides very elegant and functional devices.

    • Hydromassage Gold GI0FSAXV 19.8 cubic meters. French door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser – monochrome version in stainless steel
      (model GI0FSAXV)
    • Hydromassage Golden GH3SHAKSVS 23.1 cubic metres side-by-side depth gauge Refrigerator with dosing system in – inlet – outlet –
      stainless steel model (model GH3SHAKSVS)
  3. Viking
    The name Viking says it all, but if you want to know more about one of the two terms below, click on the built-in refrigerator reviews to read their comments about Viking refrigerator depth gauges.

    • Viking 36
      Stainless steel fridge/freezer (Model DDFF036SS) – Independent fridge/freezer in French style with bottom door.
    • VCFF036SS Viking 36 Professional Bottom-Mounted French Door Mounted Refrigerator/Freezer –
      Stainless Steel Version (Model VCFF036SS)
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Refrigerator depth gauge without freezer compartment

At the moment we are only considering two different models without freezer, but if you have one that you like or don’t like, please send us your comments.

  1. Frigider
    • Refrigerator without freezer compartment 16.7 cubic meters –
      stainless steel cabinet (model PLRU1778ES)
  2. Hagenau
    • Gaggenau 30 cooling tower with
      stainless steel interior (model RC472700)

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