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One of the most popular types of refrigerators is the bottom-freezer refrigerator (also known as a bottom-mount refrigerator). For example, you can see many freezer models in many high quality brands: Subzero, Dacor, GE Monogram, Boschand Kitchenaid and cheaper models LG, Samsung and Whirlpool.

One of the advantages of the bottom freezer is that the fridge is at eye level, which makes it easier to access fresh food compartments without having to bend down.


Lower fridge-freezer tests per brand

We know there is a lot more information about freezers that might be of interest to you (see below), but we would also like to give you the opportunity to go directly to our favourite freezers by brand.

GE freezers

General Electric has many lines of refrigerators, all working under the name GE and all equipped with single or double door freezers (French door refrigerators).

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Floor freezers LG

LG bottom-freezer refrigerators are among the most innovative products (not to mention their quality and low price) and quickly became one of the most popular refrigerators on the market.

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SamsungFloor freezers

Samsung makes very interesting floor refrigerators that have a real impact on a small space. They started doing it for countries where space was limited, but the style was first class.

They also have beautiful refrigerators with French doors.

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Floor Freezers for Whirlpools

Although all brands of spas deserve attention, most of their lower refrigerators belong to the golden line of spas. (This applies to French doors as well as single door freezers with plinths).

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Examination of the Refrigerator and Bottom Freezer

Finally, if you’re not sure which freezer brand best suits your needs, check out the dozens of freezer reviews for different brands on this page.

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Refrigerators with French door

In case you really need a version with a double door or with a French freezer floor, don’t worry, we have another list like this one made especially for you.

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Freezers at the bottom of the range are ideal for healthy eating!

If you try to follow a healthy diet, you are likely to eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables than most people. The bottom freezer allows you to store all your perishable food in the fridge at eye level instead of in a drawer next to the floor.

Many people call their vegetable chips jokingly rotten, because every time you throw away a few bags of vegetables, you inevitably forget they’re there.

With a freezer at the bottom, this problem is minimized because all your fresh food is easily accessible.

Freezers, on the other hand, are usually drawers that help keep your frozen foods tidy and easily accessible. There are several models that have a revolving door instead of a freezer drawer. So be sure to take a look at both models to see which one you prefer.

  • TIP: Many revolving door models come with reversible hinges. So look in which direction the door should rotate from to and adjust it.
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In any case, most lower freezer models are equipped with sliding baskets that allow quick access to frozen products.

You’ll probably have to bend over a bit to get what you need, but the convenience of having the most commonly used items in the palm of your hand will soon make you enjoy it.

  • TIP – Freezer drawers in the bottom refrigerator are often equipped with various organisational features that make food storage much easier, so you should take advantage of these features when shopping. Usually there are extra costs involved, but the effort and time saved over the years more than makes up for the few dollars you now spend.


Refrigerators reduce freezing capacity and efficiency

Most bottom-mount freezers have a slightly smaller capacity than Toprefrigerators. This is due to the extra space needed to open the drawer.

Freezers at the bottom are also slightly more expensive and less efficient than refrigerators at the top. Efficiency is reduced by opening the drawer, which unfortunately means that the entire refrigerator has to be taken out when opening the drawer.

However, these models generally offer a larger capacity than side-by-side refrigerators , making it much easier to store large dishes.

Refrigerators with bottom freezer are also available in the French door refrigerator, which is fast becoming the most popular refrigerator model type.

Window-door fridges are slightly more expensive than standard floor-standing fridges, but they are elegant and often have all the features of a typical refrigerator on the side, such as an integrated water and ice dispenser with replaceable Walter filter cartridges.

Although these models are generally slightly more expensive than the best top-freezer refrigerators, the equipment they offer can be quite expensive.

Don’t forget that the convenience of placing the refrigerator on the freezer has changed considerably. This new and very popular style of the refrigerator started with a single door and soon progressed to the French door (or two doors) of the lowerrefrigerator.

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The French version of the door is suitable for almost all kitchens where only one door in the room can be restricted andcan be opened. That’s why most brands produce a limited range of single door freezers and many French door models. Below you will find the different brands of countertop refrigerators.


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