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It is somewhat difficult to find the best upright freezer on the market, as most upright freezers, freezers without freezers or freezers with manual defrosting are produced by one of the threecompanies:

  • Frigidaire, part of Electrolux, produces upright freezers for Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore and GE.
  • W.C. Wood produces upright freezers for Amana, Whirlpool, Magic Chef, Danbyand Maytag.
  • Haier also produces some shelves for GE, Kenmore, Maytag, Amana and some of its own upright freezers.

Given the small number of companies producing upright freezers in the United States, it is not surprising to find small differences in performance or efficiency of between the best freezers and the average models of the same year, style and size.

Also don’t forget that you can decide that you paid for an upgrade for a particular freezer, while in reality you can buy a very similar freezer for less than that. Usually you pay more for the fringes that are added.


Overview of the best freezers

We thought these two frost-free views in the upright freezer would make your decision easier. Here is our selection of the best freezers for small and large capacities:

Best Frost Free Freezer – Small basic model:

Refrigerator FFU12F2HW

34 Freezer

This cheap 12.1 cubic meter freezer is very spacious and quite easy to organize (much easier than a freezer). It has interior lighting, several racks and an automatic defrost cycle. It seems quite solid and well closed, although it can be a bit noisy.

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Our biggest drawback, apart from a small noise, is the fact that this standing freezer is not Energy Star and has no alarm that warns you of an increase in temperature before you lose the contents of your freezer. (It doesn’t matter, they’re easy to find, cheap and worth buying).


  • They proved themselves.
  • Correctly designed for upright freezers.
  • integrated defrosting cycle
  • Good lighting


  • No huge storage space
  • It’s not exactly quiet, but it has to do with the defrosting cycle.
  • It doesn’t have an Energy Star score.


Best Fridge Freezer Free – Large Capacity Size:

Whirlpool EV209NBTQ

Although this freezer has an enormous storage capacity, it is also equipped with another special option – two doors. It looks like a freezer, although both compartments are freezers. What makes it perfect is the ability to open only part of the freezer at any time, saving huge amounts of energy.

It also has many additional features such as : Alarm system that indicates when you left the door open, Freezer alarm (tells you if your freezer is not cooling properly), many containers for extra storage space, and it even has shelves that can be moved like most new refrigerators. And best of all, it has a score of Energy Star!

  • Tip: If you want, you can add an ice cube machine to the one we don’t recommend, for the same reason that you have to open and close the freezer every time you want ice cubes.


  • Works well.
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Two separate doors/apartments
  • More trinkets than you think.
  • Energy Star Rating
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  • The work is a bit more expensive than others, but with this freezer you get a lot of extra services.



The best freezers The best freezers Related items

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