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The three most popular brands of refrigerators

The best refrigerator The best brands of refrigerators are difficult to determine because there are so many high-quality refrigerator manufacturers on the market today. Especially considering the fact that the best brand of refrigerator may not have the model, color or style you’re looking for.

Names such as GE, Kitchenaid and Frigidaire refrigerators may be at the top of the list, but in our reviews of available refrigerators we have found three brands that stand out from others with the highest product quality and overall best customer satisfaction.

Our results are based on thousands of online evaluations of existing models and top brands of refrigerators.

In addition, we would like to make use of the evaluations of these refrigerator brands provided by consumer protection organisations, such as Consumer Reports.


Other top brands of refrigerators

Some people ask us if this means that the three brands mentioned are the only ones that deserve attention. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact that each refrigerator manufacturer makes one or two good models (or 3 or 4), which is the order in all brands and models, as well as their commitment to overall customer satisfaction, gives them their name here. As you will see, we have a pair of to tokens that, except for a small defect or two, can be included in this list of the best brands of refrigerators.


Kenmore Refrigerators


Surprisingly, the Kenmore was one of the highest scores in the Overall Customer Satisfaction.

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Kenmore is one of the best brands of refrigerators. Not only do they make a great fridge, but the fact that they follow with excellent customer service and bring Sears reputation as a brand, Kenmore is definitely a fridge to consider.

Kenmore produces a large number of side-by-side and models. The best fridge on the freezer, which has been the best for both consumers and critics.

A long list of quality characteristics, combined with their consistency, made Kenmore an easy (and surprising) choice for this list.

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Bosch Refrigerators

BOSCH: Sometimes Robert Bosch, wrongly called Bosh Refrigerators, is best known for his high-quality tools, both under the Bosch brand and under the Skil brand.

But Bosh knows how to build a great device.

Some of the most impressive refrigerators we tested had the Bosch name on the front.

Their range of refrigerators is limited to a few selected models, such as the Bosch Evolution 800, but because there is a lot on the road (according to the representative we spoke to at the Hme International Motor Show), we are curious to see how it goes.

Bosch is only available in a number of stores. So make sure you have the Bosch brand in your local store before you leave.

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Amana Refrigerators

AMAN: TheAmana refrigerators are still among the best brands of refrigerators available on the market today.

They offer a very wide range of models, many of which have a number of features you would expect from a refrigerator that costs more than twice as much.

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The Amana brand is now owned and operated by Whirlpool, but has established itself as one of the most respected brands of refrigerators.

According to our research, Amana has one of the largest models of all manufacturers, Consumer Reports as best buy.

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Best runner-up:

She was close to some of these refrigerator manufacturers. Some of the most impressive models undoubtedly come from manufacturers such as Dacor, Subzero and Viking, all of which deserve an honourable mention. But here are those who came close, such as the best brands of refrigerators of consumer choice.

  1. HAGENAU: The best fridge on the market, in our opinion, from the European manufacturer Gaggenau.
  • They are known for their integrated appearance, not to mention the fact that their walk-in refrigerators and freezers are among the best designed and most beautiful on the market.
  1. TOTAL ELECTRIC: But a good runner to the top is of course GE. Conventional electric refrigerators are still among the best on the market. From their classic General Electric line, GE Profil and their mother line GE Monogramm.
  • While these refrigerators are definitely the favourites here at, we have heard too many customer complaints about the aesthetics and problems with some of the internal features to rank GE in the top 3.
  1. Refrigerators LG: LG is one of the fastest growing refrigerator brands on the current market. Mainly because of the types of refrigerators they offer and the prices they charge!
  • This South Korean company alone put a fridge with a French door out of reach for $2,500 for those looking for excellent refrigerators. But unfortunately, LG is currently the victim of its own success with numerous complaints about poor customer service. Although the refrigerators were highly rated, even at .
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